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Default Saudi Wahabism

Saudi Wahabism
A Terrorist Movement
More Dangerous than Nazism.

1- Saudi Wahabism, a Terrorist Movement, more dangerous than Nazism.

2- Official Saudi Institutions nurturing and supporting Terrorism.

3- Examples ofWahabi Fatwa's (Religious Jurisprudence).

4- Saudi continues to create al-Qaeda and Taliban In every comer of the World.
p. 14

5- The change the world seeks.

Saudi Wahabism, a Terrorist Movement, more Dangerous than Nazism.

If the free world is combating Nazism, and if it is concerned over the return of Neo-Nazis, then the Saudi Wahabi thought constitutes a greater danger then Nazism because, like a cancer, it is spreading throughout the world through an international network of mosques, schools, societies and institutions created by Saudi, and should be confronted and combated. It is a thought that is based on a religiously bigoted conviction and ideology that rejects the other and propagated hatred of the other: Jews and Christians. It rejects and suppresses all forms of expression, practice, belief, Ijtihad and any religious interpretation which is at variance with extreme, bigoted Saudi Wahabi faith and ideology.
The Wahabi faith sprang up from a Bedouin environment that is associated with intransigence, and immoderation! exaggeration. It turned into a religion that denies even other Muslim denominations faiths, let alone other religions. It regards them as infidels and incites their fight. Saudi Wahabism propagates its faith through domination of official educational and religious institutions such as the Kaaba, and Madina (The State of Hijaz) according to systematic policies which are practically supported by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that was founded on the Wahabi faith, which is its official ideology.
The threat of Saudi Wahabism escalated following its take over of religious symbols" in Hijaz ", and the exploitation of these symbols- especially during the Haj and Umra Seasons- to propagate the Saudi Wahabi faith among the muslin pilgrims from all over the world. This was preceded by its domination of many mass media organs, newspapers, Magazines, and broadcasting stations. These were turned into channels for exporting extremist Wahabi thought. The emanating threat was not directed solely at Islamic denominations and sects, such as Surma, the Shia, Ashraf and Sufists, but also at the followers of other religions, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists, who are usually seen by Saudi Wahabism as "Infidels and the enemies of god". It is imperative to make Jihad against them, and killing and severely punish them and to take captive their women. This is their Jihad in the name of Allah, which spreads terrorism, annuls freedom of belief and the enjoyment of security and peace of inculcates the spirit of hatred and fanaticism in the whole world. Sauadi Wahab ism does not recognize international conventions and agreements, including the international declaration of Human Rights which it deems as heterodoxy, a perversity and a Christian commodity.
Violence and terrorism are firmly entrenched among Saudi Wahabi. This no where better embodied than in their extremist motto, " No Rule Except the Rule of Allah ", and the phrase " There is no God but Allah, Muhammed is the Prophet of Allah" which accompanied by a sword, is imprinted on the Saudi flag, and which is the same motto which is brandished by contemporary Salafist movements which have emanated from Saudi Wahab ism. According to this conviction all government must be fought and all rulers assassinated.

The essential Saudi Wahabi principle in dealing with the other is that everything is permissible. Saudi Wahabism dictates to its followers and justifies for them hatred of Christians and Jews murder for their faith to be complete. This for example be seen in their (Tawheed) and Figh (Jurisprudence) book from primary I to primary 9 in Saudi official schools). The blood of others "including non- Wahabi Muslims" is permissible as they are regarded infidels. This accusation was enough justification for conquest and invasion in the Arabian Peninsula. It was fought by Muhamed Ali Pasha, the Wali of Egypt. He invaded the Arabian Peninsula, and destroyed the city ofDer'a, capital of the Saudi Wahabi State in 1818.
The Saudi family invaded independent sovereign States in Arabian Peninsula under the pretext of spreading Wahab ism. This included states such as the state ofHijaz, the State of Asir, the State ofHa'il and the State ofNajd. They were blood massacres which constitute the most serious genocide contemporary humanity has ever known. These massacres inclined Iraq, Sham, and al-Hijaz cities. Most of the victims were women, children and old people. This was justified by Wahabi (Fatwas) for killing, looting, and terrorism, which regards all non- Wahabis infidels, that must be killed, and their monies looted in order to please Allah.
Due to Saudi Wahabi faith and thought, terrorists who enjoyed the killing of peaceful people simply because they differed from them in conduct and creed, were made. No sensible person may be blind to the role of Saudi Wahabism in breeding, all those who committed bloody and horrifying operations against humanity such as the Sept. 11. 200 1, when more than 3000 peaceful souls from all races and religions were killed. The perpetuators of that barbarous and inhuman act were Saudi

Wahabis who have been brought up in Nurtured hatred and violence because of Wahabi religious teachings which have been foisted into Islam and are alien to it. Like wise all these perpetrators of terrorist acts, under the pretext of sacred duty, throughout the world within the last three decades, were followers of the Saudi Wahabi faith, and its local and external institutions. It is impossible to find a terrorist subscribing to known moderate Islamic denominations, even through they majority.
The Saudi Wahabi sect has hatched all contemporary terrorists in the world: from Mulla Orner to Ben Ladn, Zwahiri, Khattab, Zarqawi, and the planners and executors of terrorists operations from Nairobi to New York, Washington, Madrid, Paris, London, Moscow and Yemen. Let alone the planners and executors of the crimes of killing children, women and innocents in Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Indonesia, Somalia and others.
All these planners and executors were followers of Saudi Wahabi faith that has bred Taliban and Salafi Jihadists, and all radical organizations and political parties in Arab and Muslim World. The Saudi Wahabi faith found its way stealthily into the religious educational system in many countries. Saudi Wahabi schools were established to propagate Wahabi thought throughout the world. This kind of thought has made Muslim youths find it easy to blow themselves up amidst innocent people, even their own Kinsmen let alone the Jews and christens they believed this to be Jihad for the sake of Allah, and thus Saudi Wahab ism turned into an international movement.
These Saudi Wahabi schools graduated the leaders of terrorism in the world, whose crimes included even engulfed cultural and civilizational ruins and religious symbols. The entire world recalls what happened to the Buddhist temples in Afghanistan where the pleas ofMuslim scholars of otherdenominations failed to save them.
Had the destruction of such ruins and temples been of the teachings of Islam, Pharaoh, Roman and Greek ruins could not have survived in Muslim North Africa. In fact these important
women do not violate Saudi Wahabi values when leaving home, for shopping or to get what they need, or when joining any gathering. They prevent them form divulging their beauty, mixing with men, even if accompanied by an espouse. The men of society stand in markets close by shops, in front of schools, and hospitals, in short at any space where women are likely to appear. They have provided certain prescription to tailors and forced their owners to abide by them. Thus women are not permitted to enter a tailor's shop, but simply talk to them unless accompanied by an unmarriageable person.
These practices were exactly the practices of the Wahabi Taliban in Afghanistan.
The society for the propagation of good and prevention of vice is still in existence today.
It includes the highest ranks positions, and the most liberal financial allocations. Their centre are scattered all over the world and exceed 2000 Mosques and centers. They issue their orders to the police, and have their own prisons.
On March 11/ 2002 the society caused the death of 15 school girls in Mecca. A fire had broken out at the school, and when their parents arrived the members of the society dismissed them, while the fire raged, and closed the doors because the school girls were not wearing their gowns.
Members of the society even prevented the police and ambulances from entering the school because "girls are not meant to appear before strangers". The result was their exit in coffins. The Saudi Minister of the Interior, Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz denied the involvement of the society in the incident. But the police in Mecca ascertained that the rescue men were prevented from entering the school. No investigation of the incident was ever conducted, because of the society's sway over the judicial system that is based on a Wahabi Judicial system which does not recognize the existence of independent judiciary, or attorneys, nor accept that there are degrees of litigation.

2. The general chairmanship for scientific Research and Ifta.

archeological sites have enjoyed and continue to enjoy special care and protection, and are of great historical value for them. The Saudi kingdom which still adheres to the Wahabi faith as its official faith is still holding fast to unjust forms of life which are no longer acceptable in any contemporary human society. They target everybody, especially women who continue to be deprived of their basic human rights, including the simplest mundane rights such as diving, travelling alone, staying in a hotel, or consulting a male physician who is not an unmarriageable person (father, brother, husband, uncle or maternal uncle), or to ride a tax, driven by an unmarriageable male, or to walk into a restaurant, or browse into the internet without a close relative standing by her side.
Contempt and branding is infidel all non- Wahabis is still rampant. It threatens the dignity of man and alienates his rights which have been safeguarded by international conventions. Followers of other Muslim sects are still undergoing similar suffering. These include:
The Ismalis, Ja'afaris, Zaidis, and Muslim sects whether Sunni or Shiite, as well as liberal, advocate of reform, human rights, and women's rights. This is due to the hegemony of the Saudi Wahabi faith that criminalizes targets and accuses everyone of infidelity and therefore threatens them with death and terrorism. It urges that subscribers to other faiths such as Judaism and Christianity must be killed and this is Jihad in the belief of Saudi Wahabism.

Official Saudi Institutions that Nurture and Support Terrorism.

Under religious or scientific cover, the Saudi government founded official institutions dedicated to foster and support terrorism. These are directly affiliated to the king, most importantly are society for the promotion of good, and the Abolition of Evil, (Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) and the general presidency for scientific Research and Ifta (Juridical opinion) which is the cover up for the council of Wahabi religious scholars and the Ifta Committee which is composed of them.

1. Society for the promotion of good and prevention of vice.

- Following the occupation of the state ofHijaz in December 1925, the ruling Saudi family established the society for the Promotion of good and prevention of vice ", in Sept. 1926. it is an official Saudi organization, which is also called "the Religious Police", it is directly attached to the Prime Minister, i. e. The King the chairman of the Society is of the rank of minister, and enjoys a minister's prerogatives and privileges. One of its tasks is to oversee public markets, roads, parks, and other public and private places to apply Wahabi Fatwas and teachings. These activities include the prevention of nonnMuslims of expressly disclosing their beliefs and rituals, banning the exhibition selling or buying of photos, books, artistic recordings, buying or selling cassettes, listening to music, exposing or carrying the emblems of non-Muslim denominations such as the cross or the star of David; or pictures or statutes of Buddha, and like wise, and finally they taboo the presentation of flowers on special occasion. The society ensures
- This is another official institution set up by royal order and is directly linked to the king. The council of the society of prominent Wahabi Religious scholars is an affiliate of this institution, as well as the Ifta committee which is comprised of them. The council is the government's instrument for issuing Fatwas on which the Saudi Wahabi faith is based. The Fatwas are also the council's instrument for control over the public, because a Fatwa is "a binding opinion as it emanates from a Wahabi Sheikh" who occupies an important position in the Wahabi religious establishment, and the Fatwa concerns a matter of living. But such an opinion assumes a sacred characteristic and is binding for the public who receive it as a godly religious order that must be obeyed, and not as a matter of human Ijtihad (independent reasoning in the interpretation of Islamic law) that has to do with differences of opinion. An example to be cited is the Wahabi Fatwas inciting the killing of non Wahabi Muslims, and non Muslims such as Jews and Christians, and which is regarded as holy J ehad for which its perpetrators deserve the honor of martyrdom and a place in heaven afterwards.

- Through Wahabi Fatwas, Saudi Wahabism has been able, ever since its inception in the Arabian Peninsula, to exercise oppression, hegemony and repression. They further spread cells and focal points of Wahabism not only at home but also throughout the world. They could equally resist any form of modernization, development or cultural communication with other people's cultures and civilization, especially the achievements of Western culture and civilization.

- All international reports such as the State Departments' Annual Report on Religious Freedom in the World. The Human Rights Watch Report most recently the one entitled "As if I were not human", have condemned and criminalized their adverse effects and their violation of Human Rights and Citizenship. Recently Ms. Sarah Lia Watson the Regional Director of the M. E. and N. Africa expressed her surprise that "though there are no religious

freedoms in S. Arabia, it demands that the: "world should listen to its message about religious tolerance". (Human Rights Watch, 2008, a copy is enclosed)

• International organization, namely, Human Rights Watch have condemned these violations, and called on world leaders, participating in international Forums, most recently the Forum on Inter- Faith Dialogue, at the U. N.), to press for lifting "systematic racism against Religious minorities," in Saudi Arabia. It is a well known fact that no Saudi Scholar of the Wahabi faith participated in that conference.
• Whabi Fatwas still ensue to date from the authority of the grand Religious scholars of the general chairmanship for scientific Research and Ifta, which is directly linked to the king. They incite for killing and Takfir (accusing others of unbelief) rather openly and directly.
Examples ofWahabi Fatwas:
1- Fatwa permitting the killing and fighting of Jews and Christians
Fiqh Encyclopedia 138-139.
Source ofFatwa: Shaikh ibn Uthaimen, member of the Council of the Authority of Grand Religious Scholars of the General Chairmanship for Scientific Research and Ifta, directly linked to the king.
2- Fatwa forbidding the entry of Christians and Jews to the holy lands in Mecca and Madina, and forbidding them from circling the Kaaba because they are regarded impure and associationists (Mushrik) fatwa 22056; the Fiqh Encyclopedia.
Source: Sheikh Jamaz bin Abdurhman al-Jamaz, Member of the Council of the Authority of grand Religious Ulama at the general chairmanship for scientific Research and Ifta, linked directly to the king.
Date ofFatwa, 27/8/1428 H. 10-09-2007

3- Fatwa prohibiting the learning of English Fiqh Encyclopedia.

Source: Sheikh ibn Uthaimen, member of the council of grand Religious Ulama, at the general chairmanship for Scientific Research and Ifta, directly linked to the king.
Date ofFatwa, February 2004.

4- Fatwa permitting the killing of Shiites, disrespecting them and spitting at their faces.
Source: Sheikh Abdalla bin Jebrin, Member of the council of grand Ulama at the general chairmanship for scientific Research and Ifta, directly linked to the king.

5- Fatwa permitting lying, perjury in support of the Umma (nation).
Source: Sheikh Ali AI-Khudhair.

6- Fatwa forbidding the Pokemon game. No. 21758, the Fiqh Encyclopedia. Sources:
1. Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdalla bin Muhamed aI-Sheikh, member of the council of grand Religious Ulama at the general chairmanship for scientific Research and Ifta, directly linked to the king, and the official Mufti ( Issuing legal opinion) of the Saudi Kingdom.

2. Sheik Saleh bin Fawzan al-Fawzan, Member of the council of grand Religious Ulama, at the general chairmanship for scientific Research and Ifta, directly linked to the king.

Date ofFatwa, 3/12/1421 H.

7 - Fatwa forbidding women from using the internet in the absence of a unmarriageable person.
No. of Fatwa 33031, the Fiqh Encyclopedia. Sources:
1. Sheikh Uthman al-Khamis.
2. Sheikh Saad al- Ghamedi.
3. Sheikh Muhammed Saleh al-Munjed.

8- Fatwa permitting the killing of proprietors of satellite channels other than the Wahabi religious channels.
Sources: Sheikh Saleh bin Muhamed al-Labidan, chairman of the supreme judicial council in the Saudi government and member of the council of the authority of grand Religious Ulama, at the general chairmanship for scientific Research and Ifta, directly linked to the king.
Date: 10-9-1429 H.

9-Fatwa permitting the plundering of possessions of secularists and liberals, and the violation of their esponses.
Source: Sheikh Suleiman al- Kharashi.
All these Fatwas and many more are documented in the Figh Encyclopedia, which is a Wahabi, Saudi reference. It is officially accredited by the government of Saudi Arabia. The Council of the Authority of the Grand Wahabi Religious Ulama at the General Chairmanship for Scientific Research and Ifta is an official institution that was established by Royal order No 1/137 dated 8/7/1391 H, and is directly linked to the king.

Saudi Continues to create al-Qaeda and Taliban throughout the World
- The Saudi government is lying to America and is deceiving it when it claims that it is party to the fight against terrorism, whereas it has secretly continued after 11/9 to work for the creation of al-Qaeda and Taliban all over the World. Saudi Wahabism is a school for the making of successive generations of militants who ready to spread violence and terrorism in the name of Islam through the world. It has never stopped to do so.

- Today, it is Saudi international Wahabism that overseas the preparation of terrorists for the al-Qaeda, Jihad and Hamas organizations, as well as other radical parties and organization, whether public or clandestine, even if given other names. It has expanded the extent of its targets.

- The Mujahideen Youths of Somalia and the Islamic courts belong to the Saudi Wahabi sect. The entire of their leadership are graduates of Saudi Wahabi schools and centers. They label as unbelievers all other segments of Somali Society. They declare Jihad against what infidel Muslims who subscribe to other denominations as well as non-Muslims like Jews and Christians. They threaten the security and stability of the world. They receive financial support from the Somali Government to spend on their terrorist programs in the guise of charitable, humanitarian work.

The same applies to the Salafist Movement in Chad, headed by the Chadi ambassador in Saudi. It is a Wahabi movement whose leadership has graduated from Saudi Wahabi centers. They frequent Saudi every year under the pretext of performing the religious duty of Omra (mini pilgrimage) and Hajj (pilgrimage). These they directly receive Fatwas for Jihad, and fighting from Saudi Wahabi Sheiks, and obtain finance from the Saudi government.
- Likewise the "Nigerian W ahabi" movement in Nigeria, which American research centers classify as the Afghanistan of Africa, teaches and prepares children at Islamic centers and schools which are scattered in Nigeria, according to the Saudi W ahabi sect. The curricula of these schools are based on the Wahabi faith. They point of reference in religious and mundane affairs are the F atwas of Wahabi Sheiks in Saudi. They have special juristic courts independent from the Nigerian government to implement the verdicts and Fatwas. These centers schools and courts receive funds to finance all the regions, from the Saudi government under the pretence of proselytizing and sole spreading Islam.
Fath aI-Islam, Jund aI-Sham; the Islamic group are all Wahabi Salaifst groups, established and financed by the Saudi government in Lebanon and in Palestine camps.
- Likewise, the Salafi Jihadist movements in the Arab Maghreb, which have formed the "al-Qaeda organization in the Muslims Maghreb," and pledged allegiance to U sarna bin Laden asits Amir, have resorted to killing to establish their envisaged state, are Saudi Wahabi movements. Their members were recruited from groups of annual pilgrims, and then went for Jihad and fighting against the Americans in Afghanistan. Then returned home to form sleeping cells of al-Qaeda in their countries, even though the Maghreb countries subscribe to the peaceful Maliki sect, which is at variance with the Saudi Wahabi sect.
- All extremist and terrorist Islamist organizations in Indonesia and the Philippines and pacifist Asian countries are affiliated to

Saudi Wahab is; they renew their allegiance annually during the Dmara (mini pilgrimage) and pilgrimage. They receive support and annual financing from the Saudi government during such seasons.
All these Salafist movements which are scattered throughout Islamic world, from Morocco to Indonesia, resort to terrorism. They are Wahabi movements that draw upon the Fatwas of Wahabi Sheiks in Saudi and use them as their divine guide. They depend on Saudi oil money for their terrorist activities under the guise of spreading Islamic Dawa. But they operate secretly to manufacture, form and hatch projects of Terrorist human bombs of youngsters and Muslim youths.

The Saudi Wahabi call Dawa which is financed by the Saudi government continued, after 11/9, to spread terrorism, radicalism, and violence in the world. It will continue incessantly unless the state of the Saudi family were to disappear, and until the state of Hijaz regains its independence, and until all the other colonies of the Saudi family like Najd, Asir, and Ahsa, were to gain independence.

The Required International Change:

The desire for change which they American people have expressed through the election ofBarack Obama, as President of the D.S was accompanied by a world desire for change. This desire should be translated into a new American and international reality that would lead to an effective world pioneer ship based on a comprehensive and serious review of America's policies and strategic goals. This should begin with a reevaluation of America's relations with regimes that do not share America the noble human values which call for freedom, equality, freedom of all religions, peaceful coexistence, respect for human rights, such as the Saudi regime which American rapprochement with it contradicts with the desire for change. The American government has continued for over half a century to protect a regime whose make up contradicts with democratic
values. Such a policy contradicts democratic values throughout American history ever since the banning of slavery; it has encouraged the Saudi Wahabi regime to underestimate the values of freedom and democracy. It provided protection till it got now to the point of being able to spread the cancer of Wahab ism in the world.
- The internal Saudi situation is ripe for reform, if the new American administration (that brandishes the motto of change) were side with the popular revolution for change in Saudi.
- The basis of strategic and most important action to dry up the sources of international terrorism, and to found the culture of dialogue peaceful coexistence between people and culture, must start with a world confrontation with Saudi Wahab ism.
This can be done by depriving it of its safe haven, i.e. Saudi Kingdom and by responding to the increasing demands, following the 11/9 events, for the need to change the Saudi Wahabi regime, and by supporting the right of the people of the kingdom for independence, and self-determination. The Saudi family shelter behind the Wahabi religious establishment which justifies and legitimizes the repressive actions and policies of the House of Saud, increases the accumulated violence among Muslims, and directs radicalism, and terrorism abroad especially at the America and Europe. This is clearly in Mosques sermons, religious occasions, and in Saudi Wahabi media establishments. - The House of Saud has granted the religious establishment further authorities so that it can further terrorize the kingdom and Islamic world and bring more converts to Wahab ism. It has provided funds to set international institutions to propagate the terrorist Saudi Wahabism. This coincided with a noticeable increase in expenditure on P. R firms to convince the world to absolve them from the bloodshed of those killed on the 11/9. The Saudi Wahabi propaganda machine further deceived America and the world by attempting to convince that the cause of that suffering was the Muslim in general when they are innocent. There is no Wahabism except in Saudi, and no Wahabi in any part of the world who was not converted to Wahab ism due to Saudi proselytizing for the Wabi sect.
There is no terrorist who is not a Wahani. They exploit their sway over al-Hijaz (The Muslim Vatican) to which million of Muslims flock throughout the year to visit the two Muslim holy shrines during pilgrimage and mini-pilgrimage.
They have also used hundreds of religious centers.
Which are openly and discreetly active under different names and which threatens stability and peace throughout the world,
as well as peaceful coexistence between peoples and cultures. They systematically propagate the culture of hatred, malice and Jihad against non- Wahabis; they obstruct attempts at cultural and civilization communication. They disguise their deviant objectives through Taqiya which in Wahabi theology means "projecting what one does not internalize". These centers that mobilized Saudi sleeping international Wahabi cells fund them with Saudi oil money, spread them throughout the Arab and Muslim countries in Africa and Asia, and in European countries, and even in America itself. These centers cannot stop the enticement they are committing, nor can they turn away from radicalism, violence, and terrorism, unless the radical, violence producing and terror-making Saudi Wahabi presence is dismantled. It is a presence that dominates the most powerful spiritual force in the Muslim World as represented by the too holy shrines, and is supported by a colossal financial power that contains one quarter of the worlds' oil reserves.

- The world campaign to confront terrorism, which the world is waging, cannot achieve the required success through military confrontation and security measures alone, but through radical and serious policies to dry the services of funding terrorism through dismantling its essential focal point, nearly, the Wahabi Saudi Kingdom, supporting the independence of its Peoples, particularly the people ofHijaz, so that the state ofHijaz could become "the Muslim Vatican" and not a terrorist camp for Wahabism and Saudi Wahabi regime.
- Likewise such a confrontation cannot possibly succeed unless distinction is made between Saudi Wahabi extremism on which the Saudi Kingdom was founded, and which its spread in the world, and Islam with its tolerant, non violent anti-radical and moderate culture.
However, this confrontation that fails to distinguish between true Islam and Wahabism, is exactly what the Wahabi Saudi Kingdom seeks. It has destroyed all Islamic archeological sites in Hijaz so that it can easily distort the moderate Muslim faith, and convince Muslims that Wahabism, with its violence and radicalism is the true Islam. This is what it strove to do following 11/9 by making Islam into an enemy instead of Whabism which can be easily confronted and done away with. By so doing it expanded and extended the basis of world enemy for Europe and America, thereby making it difficult to confront, with the objective of making it difficult to eradicate it, together with its regime which is stained with the innocent blood throughout its history.
- The World tension, which is caused by Wahabi Saudi terrorism, has motivated the world community to take extraordinary measures, which have negatively impacted significant achievements of humanity in freedom, and human rights. This confrontation can only be brought to an end through the cooperation of the world community with the advocates of true Islam, the reshaping and supporting the independence of historical states (al-Hijaz, Asir, al-Ahsa, al-Qatif, and Najd), all of which have been taken over by Wahabi Saudi, these were independent state that were occupied, and the rights of their people usurped. They are striving and calling, through peaceful actions, for their independence and liberation from their occupIers.
- The drying up of the sources of terrorism could begin with the independence of Hijaz the home of the two holiest shrines of Islam. Hijaz could be returned to its rightful People, the Ashraf, who indisputably have the historical right for it, the independence of Asir, and Najran, and doing justice to the people of Ahsa.
- The continued existence of the Saudi regime within its current geographical boundaries that enable the House of Saud and their Wahabi institutions to control the sources of oil and the holy places, and to use its returns to support terrorism, is a reality that does not serve America's interest in the combating terrorism and drying up its sources.
In fact the borders inherited form the British Empire no longer serves the interests of the free world. They are unfair when it comes to the rights of minorities and religious sects who are, today, suffering deprivation, violation of rights and confiscation of their wealth.
Rehabilitating these minorities and sects, siding with legitimate rights and regaining equilibrium by drawing a new map that would enable these minorities and sects to playa balancing role in the equations of the region, deprive the Wahabi sect which is the source of world terrorism from dominating a region that is of great economic and religious importance.
- The establishment of democratic regimes that respect human liberties in the Arab peninsula is a major historical step that would secure a genuine change, so that the journey of productive cooperation between the Muslims and the West could take off.
F or that will bring about prosperity, and more importantly consolidate peaceful coexistence and living together. This is what the people of the region demand most. They expect the new American leadership that has hoisted the banner of change, to side with the interests of the peoples of the M. East, which fully contradict with those of the backward theocratic systems of government.
- The demands of stability and peaceful coexistence make it imperative to give change a greater opportunity and a wider content. It is unpalatable, in the age of new democratic change, there should be a state that still adheres to the legacy of the Middle Ages and even before, such as an authoritarian family rule that is based on theocratic principles and a closed family hereditary system, and that it should be an ally or friend of America, instead of continuing support for authoritarian,
repressive criminal and backward regimes left on the planet, the genuine change in the M. E, must begin with the dismantling the Saudi Wahabi regime, drying up the sources of terrorism, and to depriving the Saudi Wahabi terrorist call from safe havens.
- genuine change begins with the creation of an alliance of those that share the new democratic Administration the values of change for a safer future for the whole world, which America can be the pioneer through its values, liberal principles and strategic vision.
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You need to site the source of the above information "center research".
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