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Middle East Military news from the Middle Eastern countries.

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Old 10-24-2017, 07:54 AM
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Post Strategic and neutral

Since Aljazeera and France24 was talking for more than a year about regions' countries (tunisia,syria...) like just small towns in south of france or inside qatar,many location falls into civil war and desorder.
Because of very weak relations with the outside world,and 100% islamo-arabisation of many countries,israel was not able to understand what is happening,so keeps with no actions.
We have,before anything,to remember that no country on this world can sat that he builded Israel:Great Britain has tryied to get something like Australia or Canda(a new english location),USA was always giving wrong-money and old weapons to both Israel and Egypt(so to create economic problems and pressure on the region),and all other countries considered Israel as a colonialist spy...SO,just juif who are now inside Israel has built this country,with their money and experience when leaving the other location,where people always hates juif and hebrew.

The independance of decision and the loyality to israel as a country is an obligation for all citizens and friends,before any other consideration.The big number of egyptian immigrants can not let israel be arabic,and the americans can not buy this countries with the billions of dollars they are printing.

When talking about what should israel do at this time,you have to think about your profits (and problems) and the impacts on the region and international relations.

The most important problem-for the moment-is the syrian terretory.We can see that most syrian have left their country as immigrants,that Damas is in civili war against the country,not just because of political difference(enhanced by Aljazeera),but also because the dream of some people to protect their civil rights(freedom of expression,respect...)and civilisations(kurdish,christians...)against a strong arabs system,and that (since two years),this location is going to take the german situation after the second war,because of many parties taking actions and the weakeness of a military system that can't accept that there is people (in Syria and out side Damas) who can take decision or refuse orders.

Other that americans,turkish...who was always present in this location,the most important factore is the russians,who was here since long time,but no one takes this as a problem.For more than 50 years,syrian media was trying to arabise the country and the middle east+north africa with a huge amount of films,cartoons...talking about arabs like if it was never another civilisation in the world,and sometimes they talks about crusaders or french occupation,but they never talks about the russian military base,so this was a message of no-resitence understood by the other side...

About israel,we have to think that russia is the not an easy player,but the only country in the wolrd that have enough military power to disable american and israeily artillery (so to be careful if they comes closer because you will not be able to take them around) , that the URSS was abolishing religions (even christianisme) for a long time and orders juifs to leave to israel,then he accepts some christians but not juif. So russia is a true no-juif country,by the religion idea,just like it was german people before 1945,but by the ethnic idea.
Forever,German people should not get the right to be considered as friends,and for many next years,russians,who was trying to look like the anti-german population,can not be allies.

The last thing to take,is the economy.after more then 25 years,the conflict between capitalisme and communisme still exist.while israely people have many personal fortunes and supports capitalisme,russians still follow many communisme ideas,but not like some countries in the region that tries to get some industries or natiopnal technologies systems while following such system,russians are very developed and too strong,their presence in israely borders will make a lot of problems.

As in*4,syria is an opened country,with a former system trying to destroy his people and protect his terretory while asking for russian support.They are not going to give everything just for friendship*: more than ressources and tresors,russian are building stronghold and going to be your neighbours.It is not possible to stop them jsut with some actions,because military actions are useless both with russians and americans (illimted artillery),but it is more easy to send a clear and strong message to all players in this location,that israel is not accepting any new powers on his borders.In my personal opinion,and afrer following for a long time different actions and idea,it looks like you need (and you can without strong resitence) to create something like the old security region in south-liban,to advance for a little distance in syrian terretory.If you get some syrian friends (kurdish for example,who needs some protection after all Damas terrorisme and war) and talk about giving this location aroder,security,stablility,freedom of speech and will prevent a strong military and industrial presence just on the border.
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