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Old 07-21-2010, 07:02 PM
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Default Red Ded Redemption Tips: Getting the Mauser pistol early.

The Mauser Machine pistol holds 15 shots, and best fired in aimed burst, it is ruthlessly effective in massacring mobs and also great for killing the giant grizzy bears. Getting this gun early game more enjoyable and less frustrating.

Here's how I did it.
A. When Bonnie gives the cattleman carbine, help here kill the rabbits. You can come back and skin them to sell for cash, too. Stand next to them
and press .'A'. to skin it, which works same all animals.

B. Do the nightwatchmen job, you can loot crime victims bdies for extra cash; and you won't hurt you reputation, too.

C Don't trade for horses in Thieve's Landing, they are a rip off.

D. When you've a couple of hundred bucks, follow the rail road to the falls,
Hunt and skin a bunch of animals.

E. Shoot at people, this will get the law after you.

F. Head for the falls on horseback, go up a ramp like path. Stand where the title of the falls appears on your TV screen.

G. Sheath your weapons, the police will take you to Blackwater jail. You will pay a small fine and be released, you arms and horse will be restored to you.

H. Head for BLackwater plains, hunt Buffalo, Mountain Lions, Bears, Wolves, and coyotes for cash. You may also gather plants for cash, too.

I. When it is dark, head to Blackwater. Do the night watch job. REmember to kill your crooks and loot their bodies. YOu may also loot dead victim(S) bodies. This will not hurt your honor. After three times, you return to starting point, a cop will pay you.

J. If you get 400.00, buy the winchester, it is the best rifle early in the game. YOu will amass kills easier and more rapidly with it than the Cattle Carbine.

K. Repeat H and I, until you have a least a thousand dollars. Buy the Mauser and plenty of pistol ammo, you will need it, too

L. . When doing H and I, the Mauser is the best for stopping charging moutain lions and grizzlies.

M. H-l also works to get the Carcano Sniper($1,100 dollars) and the
Evans repeater($1,000).

N. Ammo, bait, and medicine; they should be your purchase priorities above other upplies, too.

O. Returning to Bonnie's Ranch: Go to the Stage coach and Choose Thieve's landing, afterr your . Press X to sleep and you will be taken, after which you can can summon your horse; and ride to Boonie's Ranch as normally, too. You may need to repeat this several times to work.

P. Once home, save in the bunk house as normally and play as regular.
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