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Old 06-17-2016, 01:28 PM
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Exclamation CIA Director Brennan contradicts Obama on ISIS threat

CIA Director Brennan contradicts Obama on ISIS threat
This doesn’t happen very often: the head of the CIA making a fool of his president.
By Thomas Lifson

This doesn’t happen very often: the head of the CIA making a fool of his president. But that is what happened yesterday as CIA Director John Brennan testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Less than 48 hours before his testimony, President Obama had tried to soothe the nation’s concerns in the wake of the Orlando jihad massacre, as IBD ( summarizes:

Obama’s remarks came after a meeting with his National Security Council, during which he spent a significant amount of time detailing all the many successes his strategy is having against the Islamic State (which Obama calls ISIL instead of ISIS), progress that he thinks is being obscured by recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. committed in the name of ISIS.

Here are the relevant parts of Obama’s statement (

“We are making significant progress. ... This campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders. ... ISIL is under more pressure than ever before.

“ISIL continues to lose key leaders. ... ISIL continues to lose ground in Iraq. ... ISIL continues to lose ground in Syria as well.

“As ISIL continues to lose territory, it also continues to lose the money that is its lifeblood. ... ISIL is now effectively cut off from the international financial system.

“ISIL’s ranks are shrinking as well. Their morale is sinking. ... The flow of foreign fighters -- including from America to Syria and Iraq -- has plummeted.

“In fact, our intelligence community now assesses that the ranks of ISIL fighters have been reduced to the lowest levels in more than 2-1/2 years.”

Obama went on to say that “lone actors,” like the Orlando terrorist, “or small cells of terrorists are very hard to detect and very hard to prevent.” And the best way to deal with this threat, he went on to argue, is with stricter gun-control laws.

Perhaps his startling honesty contradicting this pabulum was because Brennan was under oath. Or perhaps it was because with just over half a year left of the Obama presidency, Brennan is thinking ahead to his own legacy, and putting some distance between himself and the terror debacle brewing with ISIS planning even bigger strikes and our security apparatus hampered by political correctness that shuts down following leads involving Islam (as in the case of the many warnings received about Omar Mateen).

Whatever the reason, Brennan did not mince words (full text of five page PDF here> ):

(View Video Number 1 At Bottom of Post)

Damien Paletta and Alan Cuillison hit the high points of the testimony in the Wall Street Journal (

“Unfortunately, despite all our progress against [Islamic State] on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach,” Mr. Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee. (snip)

“The group’s foreign branches and global networks can help preserve its capability for terrorism regardless of events in Iraq and Syria,” Mr. Brennan said. “In fact, as the pressure mounts on [Islamic State], we judge that it will intensify its global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda.”

He said so-called lone-wolf attackers ( are an “exceptionally challenging issue for the intelligence community,” citing Mr. Mateen’s attack in Orlando as an example.

Acting on the inspiration of Islamic State but without its direction, such attackers can case a target and prepare an assault “without triggering any of those traditional signatures that we might see” when a foreign terrorist group sends its members on a mission, Mr. Brennan said.

“Those individual actors, either acting alone or in concert with some cohorts—it really presents a serious challenge,” he added.

Whatever the reasons for Brennan’s honesty in debunking his boss’s claims, the nation is left with a commander in chief who does not want to see or act on the obvious threats we face.

Video # 1
O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Asymmetric Warfare It’s not just for the “Other Guys”

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Old 06-17-2016, 02:05 PM
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Exclamation Guns and homophobia don’t kill people, muslim terrorists do

Obama has shaken the hands of Muslim leaders who've killed more gay people than Omar Mateen.
By Daniel Greenfield

Gun violence did not kill 49 people in Orlando. Guns, no matter whether you call them “assault rifles” or “weapons of war”, do not independently kill anyone. No gun, by any name, walks into a gay bar and shoots people. No more than box cutters slash the throats of stewardesses independently or passenger planes fly themselves into the World Trade Center.

When a Muslim terrorist shoots up a gay bar, it’s not gun violence. It’s Islamic terrorism.

The media insists that a ban on Muslim migration is unconstitutional, but a ban on a right protected by the Bill of Rights is. The Bill of Rights does not provide a right for foreigners to migrate to America. It does protect the right of Americans to defend themselves from Muslim terrorism with firearms.

Blaming our Bill of Rights for Muslim terrorism is an attack on our rights and freedoms. Blaming Muslims for Muslim terrorism is just reality. And acknowledging that reality will protect our rights and freedoms far better than the widespread violations of our rights and freedoms caused by Muslim migration that are embodied in such institutions as the NSA and the TSA.

Blaming guns for Orlando is as fundamentally foolish as blaming passenger jets for 9/11.

We can ban guns, but the largest Muslim terrorist mass murder of Americans in history was carried out with box cutters. Muslim terrorists have killed Americans with pressure cooker bombs, with cars and with box cutters. Were those acts of “box cutter violence” or “pressure cooker violence”?

Or were they Muslim terrorism?

After the Boston Marathon bombing, some stores removed pressure cookers from their displays. But was the massacre really the fault of the pressure cookers? Should we be suspicious of pressure cooker owners? Should there be waiting periods for pressure cooker owners so that they can blow off steam before they get their hands on a cooking implement?

Gun violence is a euphemism, which like all euphemisms for Muslim terrorism, justifies depriving the entire country wholesale of its civil rights to avoid identifying and localizing the source of the problem.

Muslim terrorists are not the only ones who kill people with guns. But they are the only ones pursuing an organized campaign to kill us with any and all weapons, through a mad multiplicity of techniques. There have been underwear bombers and shoe bombers. They have put bombs in soda cans and explored the possibility of placing them in breast implants. Rectal suicide bombers exist side by side with bombs tainted with diseased blood. The Via Rail Muslim terror plotters wanted to trigger an underground volcano.

If they had succeeded, would that have been volcanic violence?

If there’s a horrible means of killing a lot of people, some Muslim terrorist somewhere will hit on it and try to make it work. To stop them by banning inanimate objects, we would have to ban everything.

And even if we did ban everything, they would still find something.

Islamic terrorists locked up in Guantanamo Bay throw their feces, urine and vomit at guards. Is that “urinary violence” or is it just more of the same mad pathological Muslim violence?

America does not need gun control. It needs Muslim control.

We can either ban guns, box cutters, shoes, underwear, pressure cookers, underground volcanoes and bodily fluids… or we can put a stop to the terror tidal flow of Muslim migrants into America.

Euphemisms will not deal with the problem we are facing. All that they ever do is obscure it.

Our problems are not abstractions like “gun violence” or “homophobia”. Generalized homophobia did not kill 49 people in Orlando. Islamic law which calls on Muslims to enforce the credo of Sharia law, “enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil”, caused the carnage.

Abstractions don’t kill people. Concrete commands do.

Omar Mateen’s belief that gay people should be killed wasn’t caused by mental instability. Not unless the countries of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mauritania, Yemen and a number of other Muslim tyrannies are insane. All of these countries have the death penalty for homosexuality. Not to mention the Islamic State, which throws gay men off buildings.

Islamic countries don’t just dislike gay people or refuse to recognize gay marriage. They kill them.

That’s not homophobia. That’s murder. And that’s what happened in Orlando.

Iran has executed 6,000 gay men and women. That’s the same newly “moderate” country which liberals have been celebrating and which Obama has lavished billions of dollars on. Obama is even aiding the Shiite militias in Iraq which are murdering gay people. Every time Obama helps the Shiite militias “liberate” another part of Iraq from ISIS, the only thing that the gay Iraqis on the ground know is that either side will kill them if it finds them.

These are not abstractions like “homophobia”. They’re Islam.

Obama has shaken the hands of countless Muslim leaders who are responsible for killing more gay people than Omar Mateen. When he preaches about “homophobia” and “hate crimes”, gay people might want to remember that these are standards that he does not apply to Muslims.

That is why he can condemn abstractions like “gun violence” or “homophobia” in Orlando, rather than the concrete hatred in Islam that actually led to the massacre.

There is a very simple solution to Muslim terrorism. We can’t get rid of every object that some Muslim terrorist might find a way to kill Americans with. We can stop Muslim migration to America.

We can eliminate our entire Bill of Rights while fighting abstract ghosts and shadows or we can come to grips with the fact that Islam is a hateful ideology which preaches the murder of non-Muslims. Gays are just one entry on a long list of people whom Muslims want to kill. And as long as the Muslim population in the United States continues to grow, these acts of terror will continue happening year after year.

Obama claims that calling Islamic terrorism by its name will accomplish nothing. It will accomplish everything. To deal with a problem, you have to identify it. If you can’t identify Islamic terrorism, then you have to spend your time banning everything that some nameless group of Muslim terrorists might want to use to kill someone for reasons that we can’t discuss except in abstract terms.

We can either blame inanimate objects for the things that Muslims do with them. Or we can start dealing with the perpetrators instead.
O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Asymmetric Warfare It’s not just for the “Other Guys”

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