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Old 06-23-2009, 06:55 AM
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Default atuda olim

I am thinking about joining atuda olim as a lawyer and would like to know as much as possible about the program.

Is IDC herzliya law school recognized by the Israeli army for a law atuda?
Does one need to maintain a certain average to stay in an atuda program?
If one needs to maintain a certain average and is not able what happens?
Once a person is excepted as an atuda what is the enviornment like?
As an atuda is there alot of competition with fellow atuda workers?

on a side note do motor tics prevent one from joining kravi?

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Old 06-29-2009, 01:50 PM
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While I think you have the right general idea about the program, you are confused on many details.
You can have a masters degree in quantum physics and spend 3 years being a truck driver in the IDF.

Atuda is an army program for new olim who wish to complete their university studies prior to doing their army service.

Atuda -- FAQ Sheet

Updated 22 October 2000

Q: What is Atuda?
Atuda is an army program for new olim who wish to complete their university studies prior to doing their army service.
Q: Who is eligible?
Any new immigrant whose high school education was completed outside of Israel.
Q: How much time will I have to serve?
Olim that have been accepted to one of the atuda frameworks will have to serve their full army service which was determined on the day of registration after their university studies.
Q: What are the types of Atuda studies? HaAtuda HaAcademi (Atuda Bet): A new oleh who has been accepted into a recognized institution of higher education will be accepted if he begins his higher education training within two years of his entering the country. This means both bachelors degree and masters degree. HaAtuda HaPedigogit: This is for students who begin studying at any recognized teachers training college within a year of arrival in Israel. HaAtuda HaTechnologit: Same entrance requirements as the teacher's reserves with studies at a recognized technological college. Q: What happens after my draft?
After registering for the army (including bringing a letter of acceptance by the institution in which you are studying) continue with your studies. During your vacations you will do basic training and some type of reserve duty. Only upon completion of your studies will you do your regular service.
Your basic training (normally one month, during the summer holidays) counts against your obligatory (Chova) service and your have the full rights, obligations and pay of a regular soldier in their obligatory service. Any reserve duty (Miluim) does not count against your service time.
Q: What if I want to work in my field?
Remember, at no time does the army promise that you will be able to serve in your field. It depends on the need of the army at the time.
Q: If I am accepted to this program, will I have to serve extra time?
This depends on which Atuda program you have joined. In Atuda Bet you are not required to sign for additional army service. In Atuda Aleph (Israeli, non-oleh Atudah) you are required to sign in the permanent army ("keva") and therefore be paid accordingly.
Nonetheless, in both cases it is a conditional keva -- the condition is that you are accepted to your profession/field. If you are not accepted to your field then your keva is cancelled (even in Atuda Aleph). For those who signed keva and are accepted to their field, they automatically obtain the officer's rank of "Professional Academic Officer" without going through officer's training. They may still go through officer's training, which is in the sole discretion of their unit.
In the Pedagogical reserve you will have to add one additional year of army service if you are in a physical education course.
In the Technological reserve you will serve one to two years extra depending upon the army.
Q: If I am in Atuda can I leave the country on visits?
Even though technically you are in the army, they are a lot more flexible about allowing you to visit abroad.
If you are a Lone Soldier and your tests take up all your summer and the army service takes up the rest of it then you are allowed to leave the country and will not serve in the army that summer. This is only if you stayed in the country to take tests and were therefore unable to leave the country at that time, leaving the period of army service as the only time you are able to leave the country without missing school. I have personally seen quite a few Lone Soldiers be given permission to leave the country during their schedule periods of basic training. I have also seen soldiers in Atuda Aleph been released from miluim due to having to take tests. All in all, they are extremely flexible.
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