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Army Related Forum Topics about the Israeli armed forces, special forces, tanks, apc's, guns etc + world armies.

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Old 03-20-2014, 11:40 AM
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Default “Ratnik”- for the futuristic Russian soldier


Very soon, the Russian army is expected receive a new generation of combat gear “Ratnik” (Warrior). Weapons, body armor, communication systems and navigation systems are integrated into a single complex.

This gear dramatically increases the efficiency of units, for example, in areas of local conflicts, or in operations against terrorists.
Combat equipment “Ratnik” has about forty items with a total weight of 20 kgs, but one can relieve items from the kit within a few seconds. According to chief editor of the “National Defense” magazine, Igor Korotchenko, all this is adapted to the needs of the Russian army.
Units comprising of professionals, contract soldiers - most combat-ready part of the Russian armed forces are planned to be equipped with these kits. If one is talking of the technical equipment, satellite navigation system GLONASS, Russian media systems for reception and transmission of information and Russian transmission stations are included in the kit. Weapons, night vision devices, uniform clothing - all is of Russian production.
The “Ratnik” – is an overall made up of “breathing” synthetic fibers and can be worn without removing for two consecutive days. The polymer will not only protect people from shots and small fragments of explosives, but also make it invisible to infrared rays, which are used for detection in night sights.
The new body armor does not have titanium but special ceramic plates, which makes shots fired from a sniper rifle ineffective. Its modification for sailors serves as a lifejacket. Of course, a combat fighter cannot do without a helmet. Simple helmets are no longer commonplace; instead multifunctional devices made up of composite materials are included in the kit. They are designed with a camcorder that records progress made in a battle and a small video monitor that is connected to the weapon’s sight, so that aiming is feasible from any position. Decision on the main weapon – automatic machine-gun that will become part of the “Ratnik” is still pending, says Victor Murakhavosky, chief editor of the “Arsenal of the fatherland”.
Mainly, two models are competing. These are the AK-12 manufactured by the Concern “Kalashnikov” and AEK-971 produced by the Kovrov mechanical plant. The Automatic gun is needed in different versions - for infantry, for the crew of combat vehicles, for paratroopers, for Special Forces. It is necessary to have a set of sights for shooting in conditions of day and night and the linking of these sights with models of weapons.
Final decision on the “Ratnik” will be taken by the advisory council of the Military-Industrial Commission. Their meeting is scheduled to take place in the month of May.
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Old 03-20-2014, 02:19 PM
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Basically Russia and the entire world copies the style, techniques, armor and weaponry of the United States. Even the way they hold their rifles, right to the BDU's are a copy cat of what US soldiers and Marines have and do.
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