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Old 03-30-2007, 01:18 PM
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Default Yom Kippur War

IDF artillery in the Golan.

Israeli tanks and engineering equipment heading towards the Suez canal.

Israeli Centurion tank in Sinai.

IDF sappers clearing a path in the Golan.

Captured Egyptian SAM missiles.

IDF troops in the Syrian front.

Fighting in the Golan.

IDF medics APC in Sinai.

Israeli soldiers eating grapes in the Golan.

IAF war plane on a runway.

Armored IDF force in Sinai.

battle seen outpost in Sinai.

IDF troops in Africa after crossing the canal.

IDF Sherman in the Syrian front.

Sharon and Dayan in the Egyptian front.

IDF soldiers replacing an engine to a tank in the Golan.

Ori Or going over a battle plan in the Syrian front.

Kahalani in the Golan.

Israeli jeep advancing in the Syrian front.

IDF rocket fire in Sinai.

IDF Centurion advancing in the Syrian front.

Wounded soldier evecuated in Sinai.

IDF tanks getting ready for combat in Sinai.

Israeli crew repairing their tank in Africa.

Knocked out Syrian tanks and APCs in the Golan.

IDF forces crossing the Suez canal.

Knocked out Syrian tank inside an IDF outpost in the Golan.

IAF ground crew getting a war plane ready.

IAF men recive a briefing.

IAF war plane in the air.

IDF tank in Syria.

Destroyed IDF Centurion tank in the Syrian front.

Egyptian prisoners being fed.

Israeli soldiers in Sinai.

IDF artillery fire in the Golan.

Battle raging in the Syrian front.

Israeli troops in the Golan.

I'll post more pictures later.

All of the pictures are from the IDF's archive.
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Old 03-30-2007, 01:55 PM
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very nice, i might print them outon photo papaer, make a little album. I saw a book of photos fomr the war of independence, was contemplaiting whether to but it at £25 but i just bought jeans for £50, spent £30 the other day on various stuff like cinema etc and gave £60 to a chairty in Israel that provides 'food boxes' for passover seders for poor families in Israel. Im a student so I cant afford to spend too much. Though basicaly, i just spent the money im saving by being back at home over the easter holidays.

Whats the original website?
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Old 04-08-2007, 11:45 PM
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It is going to be interesting to see some video about Yom Kipur War.

By the way, while looking for video about Yom Kipur war I found interesting video where Arabs celebrate their victory over Israel in 1973.
real map of Israel
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Old 05-01-2007, 11:25 AM
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Awesome Pictures, Thanks for Sharing.

Three Cheers to IDF.

"It's God's responsibility to forgive the terrorist organisation, It's our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and god."
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Old 10-21-2007, 04:33 PM
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These pictures are from the site of the 14th brigade that fought in the Yom Kippur war on the Egyptian front and lost 303 men.
the pictures are from the album of the brigade commander Amnon Reshef.

At the first two days of the war, the only IDF forces that were facing the entire Egyptian armies were one reserve infantry brigade spread in company outposts across the canal, which were used as forward observers for artillery, and a number of armored brigades which were supposed to offer help to the outposts but were ill prepeared for the new Soviet Sagger ATGMs which the Egyptians then possesed.
the 14th brigade was one of those armored brigades along with a few units they picked up along the way and took under their command.

6.10.73 - The 14th brigade's war room bunker in the first hours of the war.

7.10.73 - The 143 Ugda(division) war room bunker.

9.10.73 - Wounded soldiers are evecuated from "Tassa".

9.10.73 - Rescue of the "Purkan" stronghold troops.

10.10.73 - The Battalion commanders recieve a briefing after 4 stright days of fighting.

15.10.73 - The brigade moves towards the canal crossing battle.

15/16.10.73 - The first and second out of 5 Egyptian tanks destroyed by the brigade commander's tank goes up in flames at the "Chinese Farm" battle.

16.10.73 - The "Chinese Farm" battle rages on.

16.10.73 - Destroyed tanks at the "Tartor"-"Lexicon" junction.

16.10.73 - Destroyed Israeli and Egyptian tanks at the "Tartor"-"Lexicon" junction.

16.10.73 - Destroyed Egyptian tank at the "Chinese Farm".

17.10.73 - Continued fighting and securing of the canal crossing area.

17.10.73 - Sharon and Dayan assess the situation over an Egyptian SAM missile

19.10.73 - The brigade crosses the canal.

19.10.73 - Assault and conquest of the "Aorha" and "Saphareom" array.

19.10.73 - Captured Egyptian AT gun at the "Aorha" array.

19.10.73 - An Egyptian fighter shot down by ground fire.

20.10.73 - Somewhat Graphic: A fallen Egyptian commando at the "Orha" array, around 300-400 Egyptian soldiers were killed there.

20.10.73 - Captured Egyptian soldiers at the "Orha" array.

22.10.73 - The brigade commander giving orders through the radio.

The brigade commander with Sharon and Dayan at the Egyptian side of the canal, after the cease fire.

The brigade's site from which the pictures are from:
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Old 10-22-2007, 09:53 AM
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Great Pics,I recognize most of the equipment the Israeli's used such as the:A-4 skyhawk,CH-53 and Huey helicopters,M-151 Jeeps and Deuce and half trucks,8 inch Howitzers...etc
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. Emo Phillips
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Old 03-26-2008, 03:10 AM
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Thanks for posting them for all of us to see.

Doesn't anyone have anything from the Israeli NAVY of the time?
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