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Old 01-30-2015, 08:06 AM
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Default Ashdoc's movie review---American sniper

American sniper is a real life action movie dealing with the life of Chris Kyle ( played by Bradley Cooper ) , a soldier of America . He was a remarkable sniper , using long range telescopic rifles to shoot enemy soldiers at extreme range using the telescopic sight of the rifle . He was able to pile up a deadly body count , killing upto 170 people in action in Iraq .

Of course , he was only doing his job . Looking at things from his point of view , he was able to save countless American soldiers who would have been targets of those they were fighting in Iraq . And that is the point of view of the movie too , for it practically paints him as a heroic figure who was fighting for his country .

To be honest , there is the viewpoint as to what was America doing in Iraq in the first place . It should not be forgotten that Americans invaded Iraq with false claims of weapons of mass destruction that they knew Saddam didn't possess . They invaded Iraq against the wishes of the majority of the world , without caring for world opinion .

But the movie has no scope for this discussion . It neatly and clinically shows the fighting that Chris was involved in , and intersperses it with considerable glimpses of his family life . In particular , his relationship with his wife ( played by Sienna Miller ) is built up well .

Of course , the contrast in life of the people who have sent their armies ( Americans ) and the people in the war zone ( American soldiers and Iraqis ) is unbelievable . In Iraq , Chris is dealing with a situation where Iraqis are up in arms against what they perceive as an unprovoked aggression of the country---leading to fighting in which people are dying dog's deaths....while when he comes back home , his wife is more bothered about his increasing blood pressure !!

There is no doubt that Chris is a person with a special aptitude for his job . He is no liberal with the weak heart of a sissy . When he was growing up back in Texas , his father taught him not to back down from a fight if he or his younger brother was threatened---on pain of being whipped by his drawn belt . He was a cowboy before he joined up to the armed forces in response to seeing terror attacks against his country on television , and his childhood memories consisted of hunting animals along with his father using accurate marksmanship of his hunting rifle .

He is shown to be the quintessential family man . After some relationships with women , he settles down to holy matrimony with his wife . He is not shown to stray with other women after marriage even though he is away for long periods from his wife due to his duty in Iraq . And he also cares for his younger brother .

And of course , he is a patriot . His job is to save American soldiers from being shot dead by insurgents in Iraq using his skills with the long range rifles and he does that . The politics of whether Americans are right or wrong in Iraq---leave it to the politicians....or maybe to the armchair critics....

Technology has brought the war far too close to home for comfort ; he actually talks to his wife on mobile phone ( or is it satellite phone ) from the war zone of Iraq while he is searching for enemies with one eye on the telescopic sight of his rifle , and one finger on it's trigger.....and then all hell breaks loose and his wife can hear it all---as if she is seeing a running commentary of the actual fighting live on radio....

War has given him the status of a legend due to his marksmanship , but he is ever ready to leave his position on top of a building searching for attackers to help in house to house search of Iraqi insurgents with raw recruits of the marines....and he forces his comrades to do so too , even though house to house search is a job carrying deadly risk to life and limb....

It is during such a house to house search that Chris stumbles upon a man who could lead him to the 'butcher' , the second in command of the Iraqi insurgents....
And he is hell bent on revenge when the top Iraqi sniper ( called Mustafa ) kills his team mate....

So what happens of the task of capturing the butcher ?? And can Chris kill the Iraqi sniper Mustafa ??
Watch the movie for the answers....

It is the war in Iraq that dominates the movie , or at least Chris' part in it....and the director does excel in showing all the action at both close quarters and long range . The feel of the action is real , and no cinematic hyperdrama is created . To Chris and his men , the Iraqis are 'savages' as they openly call them---and I guess it is that mentality of contempt for the opposition that wins wars....political correctness may lead to becoming losers....

The end however was a shock , and left the audience one got up as the closing music was played....
It seemed that the movie along with Bradley Cooper's acting had really sunk into the hearts and minds of the audience....proof that it was a good movie....

Verdict---Good .
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Old 02-01-2015, 08:11 PM
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Exclamation American Sniper and American Veterans

American Veterans Are Not Top Priority Under Obama:
His Actions Speak Loader Than His Words

Thanks for the review ashdoc!

People fail to understand how different it is to be a Sniper! You are looking at another human being through very high powered optics where you see every detail of that person. You often see their face like they are standing in front of you and you see the effects of your shot. When they are not battled hardened men, it makes it that much harder yet that individual is just as deadly, if not more so, to those you are there to protect. War is not a game and everyone does not get up and go home at the end of the day. Seeing a high velocity projectile turn a human head into blood mist is not something you will soon forget. That high powered optic makes killing anything even an animal very personal and those who understand that responsibility take it seriously. They do not go on killing sprees as on "journalist" described it! They have a very narrow set of parameters that must be met before they can engage an insurgent. It is easy fro these "Progressive moral giants" to sit in their air conditioned offices safe and sound here in the USA to spew their condemnation about something they know nothing about. Let them get their behinds out in a hide exposed and hunted by every jihadi with a score to settle or a martyr complex wanting to die for Allah while to protect fellow Americans with a bolt-action rifle. Let them have a bounty on their heads, watch kids barley out of High School get butchered by these fanatics, watch women an children slaughtered by these Islamic fundamentalists in the name of Allah enough and then let them spew their trash. How many people much less friends have they seen die? Have they ever seen anyone burn to death in front of them begging for help and being helpless to aid them; I have! Such people make me so angry! They have NO CLUE!!!

I saw the movie and found it very moving; showing this long war with Islamic Fundamentalists effect upon not only our American Soldiers but their families. WWII lasted 4 years while the Iraq/Afghanistan wars are in there 14th year. Can you understand the strain and fatigue the number of tours of combat have taken upon our troops with the American Government NOT caring enough to give those returning to the USA shattered, broken, of the best of our young men and women in uniform as shown by the 6 years of Scandalous Mismanagement of the Veterans Hospitals and Administrations. The Obama Administration acknowledged it was taking over a broken Veterans Administration at the begging of its time in office yet how many of America's finest young soldiers died needlessly during the 6 years of the Obama Administration dereliction of duty over the Veterans Administration during the height of the need during the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Only when the Veterans Administration Scandal 6 years into the Obama Administration did the mistreatment even to our veterans needlessly dieing become a national priority to the American People and the Obama Administration. What about the previous 6 years? How many people have been held accountable? Does any really care? Not by the actions that have actually taken place since! Oh a lot have words have been said and empty promises made just like they were when Obama took office and said he was going to take of the problem 6 years BEFORE the Veterans Administration Scandal broke. Where is the FOLLOW THROUGH??? Where are those arrested for their Criminal Conduct??? It is not happening people!!! Again it is just smoke and mirrors until the peoples' focus goes away and then it is back to the bureaucracy first and the soldiers needs last just like the first 6 years of the Obama Administration!

I SALUTE Christopher Scott "Chris" Kyle (April 8, 1974 – February 2, 2013)
O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Asymmetric Warfare It’s not just for the “Other Guys”

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