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Paparock, what about Ultra requete?
why does he allowed to attack another members' religions? we respect all the religions except the fetishist whom worship another god except "Allah"
god of all the world who create all the the creatures in the world and you know that very well.
We believe in all of "Allah"'s prophets -peace upon them- but you are not!!
u know that Mohammed peace upon him is a messenger of Allah exactly like Jesus and Moses -peace upon them all- and that has written in the Bible and the Gospel but u still and will still gainsay that to the last hour except few of u
no body can force u to be muslim or to believe in the truth except Allah he does any thing he wants

but If you are trying to hurt Islam or Muslims by these lies and fools, take this advise:
"dont tire out your self because u'll never change truth and u'll never hurt the Muslims or Prophet Mohammed peaCE upon him whatever u say and remember that there is A god watching u and he Knows every thing u do and he controls every thing in the world , and remember that there is a punishment In the other life and all that are written in the bible "
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