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What Israel must learn to do, is to use the world wide 'media' to educate the general public in Western countries, to the truth in to what evil Hamas and Hezbollah are up to in the 'war' they have inflicted on the people of Israel.

These 'brave' Hamas and Hizbollah jihadi's cowardly hide like mongrel dogs behind the children, the women and the elderly of Gaza and Lebanon.

In the last conflict in Gaza the 'brave' Hamas 'leaders' once the fighting started, either left the country to the safety of other arab countries or hid in mosques or underneath the ground in hospital basements to all the fighting was finished.

The left wing media demi-gods are going to be hard to get past, so Israel can put the truth of what is, and has happened, in the ongoing struggle that Israel is going through on a daily basis, to protect Israel and its people from these criminal cowardly attacks by Hamas and Hizbollah.

The people in the West in general are only getting the propaganda of Hamas/Hizbollah being fed to them by the useful idiots in the leftwing masquerading as journalists.

Israel wins all wars, but it must also come up with a battleplan to win the media wars., by getting the whole truth out to the general public in the West, and nullify the lies being spread by Hamas and Hizbollah.
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