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BAE Offers Typhoon To UAE, Says Could Still Win Indian MMRCA Deal

The United Arab Emirates has received a formal bid from BAE Systems to build 60 Eurofighter Typhoon jets for the country.The Typhoon is the front-runner followed closely by Dassault with its Rafale jets for the deal which could be valued up to $6 billion. The potential deal is also likely to include a technology-sharing agreement on unmanned aircraft, according to the Telegraph.

A winner is expected to be selected in the coming months.Charles Armitage at UBS (BAE’s House Broker) was quoted as saying by the newspaper that if a deal is agreed between BAE and the UAE, it could open the door for talks with India to be restarted.He said: “If UAE is signed, this could put pressure on India, which would be the only export customer for Rafale – nobody likes being the only export customer for a programme as it tends to reduce flexibility and increase the upgrade/maintenance costs – and could bring Typhoon back into the picture.

” The group’s chances of securing the order were bolstered by an alliance that was agreed last November, when David Cameron travelled to the Gulf to unveil a formal defence and industrial partnership between Britain and the UAE, the report added.
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