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I agree that I'd rather have the Brits than the Spaniards or Portuguese or French as colonial adventurers. It is so recent that they tried to scuttle the rebirth of Israel in their failed attempt at Holy Land colonialism, though, and we are reaping the sowings of Whitehall perfidy still to this day. Especially border changes made with France that were illegal under the terms of the mandate, which removed the Golan Heights, and giving away almost 70% of the mandate unilaterally to an emir not even from the region he was given.

Some of it was honest miscalculation, but some of it was very calculated and strongly anti-Semitic. It has cost us lives. And instead of owning up to the deceit and ineptitude and trying to fix some of the problems of their own making, the British government maintains a false sense of innocence, and acts outraged at Israeli defense. Maybe if they hadn't restricted Jewish entry, and held to the original sane borders promised to early Zionist leaders, we would have fewer problems.

So while I fully agree that Argentina has no claims whatsoever, and that the will of the islanders should prevail, I am not going to shed any tears at the expense and headache of maintaining Falklandshire 13,000 Km from London.

I love many things about Britain, but she did walk away from a lot of problems created by empire, even if there were many positive aspects of British influence as well. Here in Israel, however, that good is pretty much limited to football and chips, a few air fields, and improvements to Haifa port.

No one here will ever forget the imprisonment of Holocaust refugees on Cyprus, ultimately based on Britain's perceived increasing need for Arab oil for recovery after WWII. Churchill had much to say about all this double-dealing with the Jewish people by Whitehall, but in a nutshell, he felt that his nation backed the wrong horse for less than honourable reasons.

Let em have the Falklands, and by all means protect the islanders from Argentina, but Britain does not deserve a whole lot of sympathy and good will, which they never showed Israel, and still do not. This isn't a grudge, but rather a current state of affairs between Britain and Israel. Not that the Falklanders today should suffer for Britain's imperial past.
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