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Race2Recovery is made up of seriously injured servicemen and volunteers. Each of the rally cars and the truck contained either an amputee driver or co-driver. The team manager, Andrew ‘Pav’ Taylor, had also been seriously injured, by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. This was the team’s second crack at the Dakar – last year co-driver Philip ‘Barney’ Gillespie became the first amputee ever to finish the event when he partnered Major Matt O’Hare in a Wildcat.

The Wildcat is based (loosely) on a Land Rover Defender. There’s a tubular steel chassis, high- and low-ratio gearboxes and a 4.2-litre Jaguar V8 in the nose. They’re designed to cope with thousands of miles of physical abuse in some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain. A normal rally car would barely last a day.

Race2Recovery bought their T4 rally truck off the French Dakar team, Boucou. It weighs 14 tonnes and is based on a Renault Kerax quarry truck. It still has electric windows and a plastic steering wheel in a near-horizontal position like a London bus. Although the truck enters the rally in its own right and does the same route as the cars, its primary purpose is to support the two rally cars. Parts and equipment are stored in the back.

The rally crews were supported by a dedicated team of mechanics who travelled from bivouac to bivouac along the service route. A huge, eight-wheeler truck was accompanied by two Discovery vehicles provided by the team sponsor, Land Rover. All service vehicles drive over 7,000km in two weeks to complete the Dakar.
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