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I am an avid reader. Not much into the fantasy stuff like Tolkien or LOTR.

I tend to read other kinds of Fiction. My favorite set of books has been the Last Jihad series by Joel Rosenberg - 5 books in all, read them all in about 2 weeks, and then had to wait for the last one for over 8 months, but Dead Heat was worth the wait.

But I just finished the 2nd book out in his 12th Iman series. They are thrillers. The first one is called The Twelfth Iman and I just finished The Tehran Initiative. Waiting on the 3red book called The Damascus Countdown in March.

I love that Rosenberg uses the Bible prophecies of the coming Anti Christ, the total annihilation of Damascus and other end times Bible prophecy and weaves in the Islamic teachings/foretelling of a coming prophet known as "The 12th Iman" (Islamic leader that fell down a well about 1500 years ago and is waiting for his subjects to set the world stage for his reign in these modern times. It revolves around a CIA agent who is spying in Iran on their nuke program, the beliefs of the leadership in Iran that the Muslim world needs to create the destruction and chaos of Jihad and nuclear war to bring their "messiah" to the modern world so that they can install the global caliphate (Islamic government) and destroy all who will not bow to their beliefs. A lot of the books, like his last series, incorporates the headlines of today and the craziness of Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs.

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