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Originally Posted by Knaur View Post
True, either the AK derivatives or 7.62 NATO should provide plentiful supply, the latter should be swappable with three ought eight Winchesters as well I'd assume.

The ex-military/surplus rifles themselves cost a pretty penny due to collector value, if you are into gun smithing maybe you could fabricate some 50 round 5.56 mags and make some moolah

.308 Winchester requires a meatier chambering, I believe at the throat where you need a longer lead before the round makes contact with the rifling. It's because the .308 Winchester is essentially a 7.62x51 NATO beefed up for more power for hunting instead of military usage. The cartridges though, are identical and I think the only difference cartridge wise is that I think the .308 Winchester has thicker webbing inside to deal with the higher pressures on ignition.

The mags take more than gunsmithing actually. It requires the almighty machinist and a press. Which, I just happen to have graduated machining school in college with honors. ;) I've ran just about every machine in a modern operation and I'm educated enough to do some things gunsmiths just don't know how to do. A machinist is actually a gunsmith's best friend. When he doesn't want to make something, we make it every day. lol

But were not limited to just small arms. We have the practical know how to make anything mechanical, including the Saturn-V rocket's Rocketdyne F-1 engines, jet engines, engine blocks for cars, cars themselves, tank parts, aircraft parts and much much more. It's a big field to work in and no machinist will ever know it all. Our value is so high that when the US actually had a military draft, they didn't draft machinists, we made everything they needed to keep their war in Vietnam going.
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