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Originally Posted by jose98 View Post
I am 18 and am traveling to Israel. I was wondering if there are any other service periods other than the 3 years, as that seems like a long time...and i am not sure how i will like it. I am Israeli by my parents but live in canada. I can speak hebrew moderately well, but reading and writing are a bit of a problem. just wondering what options are available.
Israeli citizens, regardless of where they were born or live (such as you) are required to serve their country for three years. So this discussion is on two levels- what you are expected and required to do, and what can you get away with. Two very different discussions.

While there are anecdotal reports of people like you (sortawannaserve but can I do IDF light?) serving for less time after negotiating with the embassy prior to arrival in Israel, I have never personally met anyone who did.

My advise is to be very certain that you can leave the country after you get in. As you know, Israeli citizens can only enter and leave Israel on an Israeli passport. There is much documentation on 18 year old Israelis such as yourself entering the country but then not being allowed to exit. Using a foreign passport will not be a 100% guarantee that you won't be flagged.
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