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Originally Posted by Pini View Post
So i never got an additional response from anyone.

Im tech Israeli, spent all my life in America, Born in AMerica. I lived in Israel for one year when i was 13. I just turned 25. I graduated from college at 23. I have always wanted to put on the IDF uniform just like all my cousins my father etc have done. If i come to israel what will i be considered? Would they take me? i am in good shape. I understand basic hebrew fine. If i come back to Israel what would they consider me as since im tech Israeli and hold both israeli and american citizenship?
No one here knows what "technically Israeli" means.
If one of your parents was Israeli, or you were born in Israel, or during the year that you lived there you got a passport, then you are an Israeli.

If none of the above is true, then you are not.

If you are not a citizen and 25 years old, you will not serve.

If you are 25 years old, a citizen who did not fulfill his obligation to serve his country, then there might be a 2% chance that you would be allowed to put on the uniform if you moved back to Israel pemanently.

If you have been waiting for a definitive response from this site prior to doing anything further, then you just lost the other 2%.
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