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Originally Posted by rafi View Post
In Israel, as well as the United States and most of the world, there are established boards that inspect and certify products as kosher.

The most renouned one you can see next time you visit a supermarket. It is the letter U inside a circle, or the "OU" certification. This is the "Orthodox Union" the mostwidely accepted certifying authority. You might see OU D for dairy or simply the letter K for another less stringent certification board. Some are local, some are world wide.

THe pizza program is great, my biggest dossapointment is for someone like me, I have a specific unit in mind that I would liketo send it to, andthey are picked 100% at random. But greatly appreciated whenever sent.
Thanks for the info, Rafi! Have you or anyone else here used this pizza or burger service in the past? I think it's great, but also understand where you're coming from as far as the specific unit option. I occasionally contribute to the Israeli LIBI fund for those familiar with that program (and also to the American USO by the way), but apparently this "fast food to the front lines" idea is an entire different concept.
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