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Israel is almost 1/5th Arab (not Muslim), of which many are Christian or Druse.

I have lived near and around and worked with many Arabs here, both as a boss or supervisor, and under Arab bosses. When I helped with the organic goat-milk dairy my wife ran, I was a goatherd in upper Galilee, and got to know many local Arabs. Some would go to my wife for help and advice on goats. Bedouins, Druse, Felakhin, Christian. Out in the world, many Israel supporters just automatically think any Muslim is suspect and at best a potential enemy. In Israel itself, I am not sure that we few them that way, not when we know them. And I am not sure that we few Islam as the biggest threat to Israel, since so much of the anti-Israel inspiration and funding in the Arab world comes from the Western democracies. A painful but true fact.

Radical Islam has a silent partner, and its name is . . . ?
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