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It sounds like you have made great progress, thank you for sharing.

First, if I may, I would like to issue a disclaimer. How lucky if this young man succeeds in getting his transportation paid for! There is littlerecord of anyone else getting his/her trip paid for except in individual circumstances. If a source has been found, we will certainly publicize it.

Continue to prepare your body. The tests you will be given are much more like vocational tests than those that you can study for. Preparation? Begin to compose the answers to the questions you are sure to face in you Tsav Rishon - where are you from, describe growing up. What unit do you want to be with in the IDF - why? Explain in Hebrew how well you did in school, what notable achievements do you have - school board, sports, etc.? What are your plans for after the army. These exercises will help your Hebrew as well as your life. Think about words that reflect your age and education, and try to seek some of them out to include in your talk. It should be one you are giving to many people already about what you are doing there. Polish it up.

The IDF super guys cannot be looked at in an incredibly American light. In the unit of super duper secret killer commandos are people who are 4'11" tall, weigh 234 pounds and wear a uniform with special forces tags on it. The run the motor pool. Or cook. Or drive a truck. The one armed office clerk, and the Mentally Retarded guy who takes the bus to the unit each day also wear the exact same uniform with the same unit tag. Because the IDF is team work. A plane can't fly without the guy who puts in the gas - the most important guy. The plane needs wheels - so the guy who fills the tires is the most important guy. Of course a plane is worthless without ammunition, so the NASHAK is the most important guy. But where do I take the bombs, asks the communications guy, the most important guy. I could go on for a half hour, but the point is that by the time you get to the person who pulls a trigger or even pushes a button, they do this standing on the shoulder of 2000 others, each of whom is vitally important.

The IDF is not based around 10,000 pilots with one ground crew man; 50000 paratroopers and 1 guy who packs parachutes; 120000 snipers and one guy who fills clips; 12400 tank commanders and 3 drivers. It usually works the other way around. And every one is important.

Be a part of the team!
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