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So itīs been a while now. But I want to share my information I got now with you.

As I was in Israel, one of the first thing I did, was contacting a Lishkat Giyus.
I told them, that I want to enlist next year after graduating school. I asked them what I could do now.
They told me, itīs too early, I should wait, because if they do tsav rishon, I would be in the middle of my school year. They also told me, that for an Israeli citizen living abroad itīs fine to contact a Lishkat Giyus if you arrive in Israel, all the stuff like tsav rishon will get done fast because youīre an Israeli citizen. But those who havenīt got the Israeli passport should contact at least 6 months before making Alliyah.

The next thing. I searched the internet and found a very helpful organisation: Nefesh bet Nefesh
They are realy great, I talked with them in Israel and they will make sure that all the precedures will go off fine. So I highly recommend to contact them, but donīt get disapointed if they donīt answer you immediatly, they will respond maybe after a week or a months.

And I also figured out, that you can get your flight to Israel payed. But Iīm not sure who do you have to contact, itīs either NefeshBetNefesh or the Jewish Agency. As soon as Iīll figure this out I will post it here.

Ok and now Iīve some more questions :)

I train a lot now, this is basicly my week:
Mon: interval training (30-45min) afterwards some weight training
Tue: running 11 or 22km (1hour or 2h)
Wed: no training
Thu: full body training (2h), starting with a 7min sprint (warmup)
Fri: no training
Sat: interval training (30-45min) afterwards some weight training
Sun: running 11 or 22km (1hour or 2h)
... and so on

I can run now 2 km in 7.43min, but Iīll improve in the next months.

Is there something specific I can do to improve my training?

I can read and write now a little bit hebrew. The alphabet is no problem, but itīs still tough. Till my Gibbush I will improve so I can read fluent, thats my aim.

And my last question is about tsav rishon. What kind of tests are they doing? And how can I prepare myself? I realy want to get into Matkal, to serve my country in the best way.

I hope you can answer my questions, it would mean a lot to me ;)
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