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Originally Posted by Syntac View Post
Thanks a lot!
I kinda have some problems with my internet so I cant see the link below you signature.

I do have a new passport I requested it about a year ago.

Ive some specific questions:

1) Im visiting this summer my aunt in Nizan, I also gonna be in Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Ashkelon, is there a military office where I can get some advice and informations?

2) I found a language program for volunteers but as an israeli citizen Im not a volunteer or am I?

3) Can I visit my family in Germany during my service?
During the summer you can visit an enlistment office in any of the cities you listed. If you cannot find one, look for a "Katsin Ha'Ir office and they can either speak with you or direct you.

You are absolutely not a volunteer. As an Israeli citizen you are fulfilling your obligation of citizenship. That being said, you should also realize that you will need to negotiate your status and privileges with the IDF - and that is best done prior to enlistment.

The ability to visit your family in Germany during your service is a perfect example of the issues you need to seek closure on before enlistment.

While awkward, you need to keep a notebook of every person you speak with, their name, where you spoke with them, what you were promised and who they are affiliated with.

Cut and paste this URL into your browser:
For information about enlisting in the IDF please see our archives from the now closed web site:
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