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Never participated, over Labour weekend the whole week I was out volunteering for ITU World Triathlon Championship in Auckland though.

Good experience, I got assigned a variety of roles like wharf ambassador, expo ambassador, aid station, product and branding, registeration desk etc.

It was very inspiring in some ways, specially seeing the Para-athletes (salute out to their handlers too, tough job) and the Seniors still running through!

This old man I was handing out Dextro to, I told him well done and he said yes, not too bad for a 80 yr old I suppose, not bad at all, I told him, as some people are still out there completing the cycling stage!

Kiwi hospitality was also shown in abundance as this guy leaned down from his balcony to an older confused participant and goes, no no, down that way, old dude asks, are you sure , Kiwi guy goes like No, am a professional liar, now get your arse down there!

But yes, many people thanked us volunteers, even some athletes while competing!


As far as I saw, Swimmers and Duathlon athletes hold an edge in Triathlon, the professional swimmers were able to outdistance for ex., the professional runners, though running is over way more distance.
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