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Originally Posted by Paparock View Post
New Agers are full of it as I have met many. There are also Satan worshipers mixed in as well that I have met.

There has been a lot of evidence of hostile intent by so called UFO/Alien Contact. There is just so much deception misinformation involved and the US Government is the source of a good part of the dis-information when they could clear a lot of it up if they wanted to.

I have personal knowledge into the matter as does my wife; her father was part of the Air Force Investigation into UFOs. He took pictures of them for the Air Force on many occasions.

My opinion is that it will play into the deception of the latter days. I do know they are real physical craft from first hand experience partly due to my training as a Air Defense Officer and due to close personal observation.
agreed on the latter day deception
Passage Isaiah 62

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