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Even before the start of the war, that's water under the bridge, or the horse out of the barn. We know now that MI was faulty to begin with. Maybe not the data itslef, but the assessments and conclusions were too politically influenced, rather than data driven. All I'm doing is endorsing Peled's determinations.

My issue with the IAF's plans would be that in order to get to the SAMs at that stage, they would have been left open to attacks by the 2 air forces. Not enough to do damage (the way the SAMs did) but enough to disrupt the taking out of the umbrellas.

IMHO it comes back to going against the training and plans of even a flawed doctrine. Why hold at the canal instead of drawing the Egyptians in? Instead the IDF had to juggle extended supply lines, vulnerable positions including CCC at Refidim, the morale isse of the isolated mutzavim, and an armour doctrine shot to hell by RPGs and Saggers.
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