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Originally Posted by odie072 View Post
Thanks AA, very informative as always. Probably gonna do a build like this in the future, when I do, may shoot you a pm with some questions. Thanks again and good shooting!


No problem. I managed to gather more info about that last mag issue. The guy that test fired my upper and built it, he said he had a similar issue with the ASC mags and solved it with dry lubing the mags. The mag follower on a few mags were binding on him causing "ride over".

Upon further examination I could see what he was refering to. The followers look to be made of a similar polymer as the polymer used in Pmags. It was a pmag style situation except the symptoms were internal instead of dealing with a magwell, a flipped equation.

So I found the contact points in the mag while examining it's interaction with the mag body. Then I did some light grinding with a dremel and The follower moves better now, free movement through the mag body. This should solve my issues with these mags but I've not had the ability to test them yet. Given that I've already dumped 90 rounds testing three of five mags, I'm trying to give the neighbors a break. lol :D

Drop me a pm anytime, I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.
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