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Originally Posted by odie072 View Post
AA, what kind of accuracy are you getting out of this?? I am thinking of this type of build myself, since I've gotten rid of my AR and AK. Not looking for a tack-driver, just good accuracy.
Very nice AR, BTW!



Edited to add;

Are the mags AK style or special AR mags??
Thanks, I'll answer your question with this. You can hunt with this thing. I found out the front sight you see is not made for my gas block. It was made for the old gas blocks that are not on the same plane as the rail on the upper. They had another one that is made for a same plane gas block but I found another sight I liked better so I got that one.

Even then, the rifle shot very predictably when I figured out quite fast what was going on (shots going immediately into the dirt, all 6 shots confirmed that my laser bore sight did not lie to me.). I held the sight high and it started putting rounds on target. I've not had a chance to test my new sights but everything looked good to go when I laser bore sighted it to do an initial zeroing in. Naturally I'll zero her in for good with live rounds.

There is also a guy on youtube who has footage of wild hog hunting with his DI version of a 7.62x39 AR. He's also reported other wild hog kills with it too.

As for the magazines. These are AR mags made specially for the 7.62x39 round. They are made by Ammo Storage Components (ASC). They are made from the same tooling as the old C-Products mags for 7.62x39. ASC reportedly bought the tooling from C-products when C-products went under. As to if that is true, I dunno, but their mags work. :)

Word of advice though. Don't be surprised if a few rounds jam in the mags. Just tear down the mags, remove the follower, and spin the mag spring around where the wider curve in the spring, faces the nose of the bullets when you load the rounds in. It should work after that, I've been running tests.

You can also use AK mag springs with them but you lose 2 rounds in max ammo capacity. I wonder if Bushmaster took that approach (similar springs?) because their mags cost the same roughly but only hold 28 rounds.

ASC also makes 10 round mags in 7.62x39 that work very well. Those are straight mags because after the 10th round, ASC said they noticed you need the curvature you see in my pic, to keep the rounds from jamming in the mag.

Edit: New Pic with new front sight.

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