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Originally Posted by Paparock View Post
I may break down and get an AR platform rifle though it will pain me to do so. Having suffered through bad experiences with the early versions I was issued; I keep hearing they have worked the bugs out of the “Black Mattel Toy gun”. If I do it will be a 7.62 NATO SASS model though as it comes closest to my old M21. I'm moving to the high desert close to 29 Palms Marine base in California and it would rain destruction on yotes (coyotes for the lay people) at some respectable range now that I'm losing my edge at 62. He,he. Good luck with your pick.
Thanks. Yes I've been told it is a different monster all together (New ARs over old.)

The biggest change is that ARs are readily available with either Chrome plated (ala AK) or Melonited (Ala Glock) barrels, both of which rust does not like. You can also get a bolt carrier that has been either Chrome Plated or Nickel Boron coated to fight against rust as well. I prefer the Nickel Boron coating as it not only fights rust but it also has as super smooth surface to aid cycling the action during operation.

Also, POF makes an AR 308 upper in many lengths including 18 inches like the SASS. It is a Gas Piston upper, so it'll kill some of your cleaning time and likely help you enjoy your AR as it is not the DI upper that is based on the original M16s. For that matter, Addax Tactical may have one that is Gas Piston operated that you can slap onto a lower of your choice. PWS has one too but I'm not sure it's a free float hand guard. Not sure about Addax either but I know they build gas piston .308 uppers.
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