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Originally Posted by Americal View Post
Still playing with guns I see AA.Thats a find weapon you have pictured above. Just curious on how much it weighs? These days everything has alot to do with weight!
Always, it's a family thing, we have a tendency to wander toward things that are mechanically engineered or engineered in any way at all. My dad has three other brothers. One is an auto mechanic, the other is a Nautical engineer, and the other is a land-surveyor. My grandfather was a land-surveyor, and one of my uncles was a machinist.

I hear you on the weight. "Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain."

This thing weighs more or less as much as your standard "flat top" AR carbine. I can carry this rifle around by the pistol grip and with a basic two point sling it should be a delight. This is a direct comparison to my Carbine DI AR chambered for 5.56 loaded up with a 30 round mag of steel cased imported 62 grain rounds vs the rifle above loaded with steel cased 122 grain Romanian surplus rounds.

Only thing I could see that could improve this rifle is a copy of the mag you see made of polymer with P-mag reliability. I have P-Mags. Once you grind the excess polymer off of the mags from the worn out molds they've not yet replaced yet, they work beautifully and according to one Marine, tested better in real life torture tests in almost every test than the USGI magazines.
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