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Originally Posted by Bowcaster View Post
Looks awesome. Are you going to put any optics on it? I have to say though, I never understood why one would want to convert an AR to 7.62. The AR is a good rifle, but if you want 7.62x39 it seems much more practical to go with an AK.

Never shot a piston driven AR, how does it feel? Is there any difference in recoil because of the added weight?
The reasons I went with it being chambered in 7.62x39 is that it is a heavier hitting round than the 5.56x45 and unlike .300 Blackout (which I still have hope for) and the 6.8 SPC, the rounds are very common and plentiful.

Another reason is that I already have a Direct Impingement AR chambered for 5.56 and it performs very well. It will even shoot steel cased ammo no problems.

And, the final reason is that I already have an AK based rifle chambered for 7.62x39. :)

This AR was never converted. It was built from the start as both a gas piston design and as a 7.62x39 chambered upper. It has no differences in the Lower of a Semi-Auto only 5.56x45 AR.

Eventually I will go with an optic. Which one I am not certain yet.

As far as felt recoil? There is no noticeable difference. I've literally fired off multiple shots with the stock slamming into my shoulder and it didn't even hurt. I felt very confident in handling this rifle and it is a lot of fun knowing you're unloading a bigger round. The reciprocating mass of the short stroke system had no actual effect at all on me operating this rifle. The muzzle rise is pretty much a vertical 90 and minimum so I have been able to keep focus of the front sight, even at the top of the small amount of muzzle rise I have encountered.

It is also easy to clean. Aside from breaking down to clean the gas block and piston, it is very easy to clean. In 30 rounds you can't tell even with dirty ammo that you've fired it at all unless you look in the barrel from the chamber. You will get spent powder build-up in the receivers still but not near as much as you would with a DI AR. You can also use a shotgun disposable cleaning cloth and the connecting rod to clean the inside of your gas block, perfect fit. Just don't cut the cloth too short or you might want a .22 or a .177 jag to get the cloth back out.
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