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Originally Posted by New Ron View Post
This is what Obama already tried when he became President, Iran at first accepted then they refused and demanded the multi party talks. Obama had blamed Bush for not talking one on one to Iran. Bush had refused because he said Iran would use it to play games among other things.

Even when the multi party talks happened Iran back stabbed everyone, even Russia (who still remain Iran and Syrias puppy dog despite, even threatening America with World War III over it and yet never did that when Kosovo was being stolen by NATO)
and made an agreement with nations like Brazil, Turkey and Venezuela instead.

As a result Obama imposed the hardest sanctions on Iran, and with false pride said his administration has imposed hard line sanctions of Iran, something he as a candidate and senator said was the wrong thing to do. All this is coming back to haunt Obama during the election period of 2012 SO NOW Obama was attempting to bring back talks so he can redeem himself, instead the letter to Iran was discovered and Obama has put himself to shame and good for him he is a SHAMELESS TRAITOR!
Yep.. Iran loves this, they look at Obama as weak, and he is that. So while Iran supplies weapons to our enemies, is directly responsible for the deaths of U.S. soldiers, threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz, and is developing nuclear weapons, Obama still thinks playing nice is going to get him anywhere? Can anyone say Neville Chamberlain?
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