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Originally Posted by Ratu Vukili Camdon BOLA View Post
Iam a Captain in the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, have served with UNIFIL in Lebanon and MFO in Sinai and also with UNAMI in Iraq. Have a passion for Israel and the nation of Fiji continously prays for Israel in particular Jerusalem. I want to serve Israel by joining the IDF. What should I do.
My fellow Captain, thank you for your kind words. I shared many a beer with UNIFIL in Tiberias in my youth. (and we all got in trouble giving each other rides back up to Massadeh hidden in the back of each others D500s.) I remember we always made sure each other had water as passed by the tramp stations south of El Arish in the 70s on the way to Jabl Libne. No one has any clue what you guys did and continue to do.

As you may have been reading, there is currently no way to accomodate your very request. The IDF is exploring vehicles to allow those such as yourself to serve at our side, but this is still a work for the future.
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