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Default Battlefield Evolution modern: IDF rules


As a player of the wargame Battlefield evolution I'd like to improve the information regarding the IDF and create a real Israelian army pack, but I need some information that I cannot find even in the osprey books.

I own IDF force since 1973 and the Israelian tanks and APC bothe from Osprey publishing but in order to create a proper army pack I need some more info.

I've attached the cardpack already existing but I want to create some new units (EG the D9, the nakpadon, the nagmachon and the puma) and of course the IDF soldiers template.

The last point needs few inormation but I cannot find it. I explain, for the game I need to know how is organised a batalion, a company and a squad:

How many soldiers per squad?
How many squad per batalion? etc

Regarding the armour it seems that a group consist of 3 merkavas, but is it also applicable for the Achzarit, are they organized in group of 3?

Well as you can understand I don't look for strategic information but only basic info for a wargaming purpose.

I thank you by advance for the help you can provide me.

Kind regards
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