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This thread went dead a few days ago, but I'd just like to say the assumption that the majority of Arabs or Palestinians are dumb, blind and ignorant is downright discrimination, not only that it's completely untrue.

Terrorism and radicalism go hand in hand with poverty, ignorance, political instability and lack of hope
Knaur already touched down on this, but I'd like to add some more; The extent, severity and intensity of radicalism is more than you would think. Some famous millionaires have diverted to terrorism, people that were living the "high life" in developed countries. Look at the British rapper that turned into a Jihadist and beheaded James Foley.

When you have been raised with a particular religion, usually in your personal opinion on world affairs you will adhere to stereotypical expectations. It IS true that most Muslims dislike Israel, yes there is a massive portion of whom stand with Israel but most of the Islamic world absolutely despises of the Jewish State.

When your opinions are based on foundations of religion, they are strong. They may not be correct but they are usually unwavering and set like stone in your mind regardless of how smart you are. Gaza has universities, Hamas has people that are very highly educated in world affairs and know what they're doing, if they had the resources they might even be able to make some serious blows to Israel.

You must not base your claim that Arabs are dumb and irrational based on the fact that Israel has never lost a war. Israel isn't actually doing as well as you might think, sure they aren't actually permitted at this time to deal a truly significant blow to Hamas and this is why Hamas has proven themselves a capable force, not a threat to Israel's existence and perhaps not even as big a security threat as some of the media claims them to be, but politically, they are a massive threat.

Hamas has proven their ability to influence the opinions of many around the world, and while Israel may have the capability to absolutely crush Hamas in a very small amount of time, they are struggling to win the world over and that is because of the political mastermind that is Hamas. The Palestinians are not stupid, the Israelis are just many steps ahead of them.
“We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

― Golda Meir
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