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Originally Posted by Jroc View Post
Well I don't see it, I'm no fan of Bush Sr. but to say he was more pro Arab what do you base that on? More pro Arab than who? Bill Clinton? Carter? Obama?
That is perhaps just you being pro Republican no matter what. I am pro Israel and Bush Sr was if anything the same when it comes to Israel just like Carter today, Clinton and Obama.

Not more pro arab than such and such....more pro arab, than pro Israel, pro truth, pro Jewish rights to Jerusalem!

The fact is he stopped giving loans to Israel for construction of settlements in the pre 1967 borders, now in Israels control, including east Jerusalem where Solomons temple mount is at. George H W Bush administration saw to it that they would not listen to AIPAC who tried to lobby for it. Furthermore George Bush 41 never once visited Israel during his presidency reason given until Israel stops building settlements in the "palestinian areas" Obama may have boycotted going to Israel for a long time, while goijng to arab countries right off his term, but Bush 41 didnt even want to step on Israeli soil! Ask yourself why?

The Bush 41 administration saw to it they support the LEFTIST labour party against the Likud party in Israel. When Yitzak Rabin (who made peace with arafat) became the winner in Israel. Bush 41 sent a new loan package to Israel. The condition was land for peace talks with the palestinian leaders, back then Arafat. Reason why when Bill Clinton hosted Arafat and Rabin at the white house in 2003. Bush and Baker were there also, and it was said they infact had been the architects who began this peace deal before Bill Clinton. Clinton was ofcourse glad to get the fame, and later on with other Labour party leaders in Israel, tried to get Jerusalem divded, but to their sorry self disappointment arafat refused, wanting more than just Jerusalem.

While I say his son was better, his son George W Bush also asked his ambassador in Israel to boycott "Jerusalem day" where Israelis celebrate the taking back from the Jordan army Judea and Samaria. The E.U. also boycotted but atleast they were clear they were for an eventual spilt in Jerusalem east to go for the palestinians, and the west to go to Israel. Bush by joining the boycott made it very clear in his intentions about Jerusalem.

Just like Obama he promised not to touch Jerusalem as Israels capital, even promised to move the American Embassy there. Did he? Nope, he instead called for Israel to halt settlements in East Jerusalem and boycotted that date. Just like Obama promised not to divide Jerusalem but then asked Israel to go back to pre 1967 borders, meaning Jerusalem.

Bush 41 was perhaps not an enemy as such of Israel, but he certainly was no friend. He favored the arabs again and again when it came to dividing Israel.
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