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Originally Posted by Jroc View Post
Most of your comments are fine, but to Say Santorum wants to imposed "Christian Sharia" is more crazy talk, it's the same trumped up argument Jews in this country use against all Republicans all the time. I'm not sure what country you are in, but Christian and Jewish moral values are the same, as this is where the Christians got them, from the Torah (old testament) so Santorum’s Is for some type morality not state imposed, it can't happen, but for government to get out of the business of supporting gay marriage abortion and such. I actually I like Newt but it doesn’t look like he's going to win, I'll go with Romney because he has a better chance of beating Obama in my opinion

Many Christians love Israel, just as some hate Israel. Santorum is pro Israel, I love him for that.

Jewish values and Christian values are similar and both awesome. I am for both. I am a strong believer in God and I defend the right for people to practice their faith, aswell as the right to refuse to pay for things like abortions via taxes if it is against their beliefs. Let the private sector pay for murder. However their is a limit to how much the government has a right to enter our bedrooms also! Thats the whole point of not wanting to be forced to pay for something, it goes the same way for not wanting to be forced by fundamentalist Church goers to tell us what we can or cannot do. Like the West Boro babptist scum.

I said Santorum is going too far when he tells people things like excuse my english, when he wants to ban blowjobs and the like. Politicians who cant stay out of the bedrooms are like the liberals who stay out of our lives. Now IF ONLY politicians would GET IT in their tiny little heads we need LESS government DICTATING to us what we can or cannot do, America would be a better place. I will NOT support someone who wishes to play morality police!

Some religious values are outdated, and frankly do not need to be imposed on anyone, when Americas Constitution clearly states separation of church and state! Killing gays isnt just an islamic law it is a biblical one, any one who tries to be an apologist and say it isnt being truthful. Its simple Santorum believe in what you will, I will defend your right, but do not impose it on others, that is no different from the islamists and liberal socialists!

I was if you knew me an great supporter of Santorum, but when I saw his deviations I figured Id rather not have him.

Yes Romney is more likely to beat Obama, but Newt is the more conservative type of leader America could use.

It isnt just about who votes Republican, this is about who is pro Israel, and who is not. George Bush Sr did do some great things for Israel, but Republican or democrat they have both betrayed Israel at times. George Bush Sr made it public and clear that he thinks the 1967 borders would need to be returned to the arabs. And he wondered why eve staunch Republican Jews didnt like him?
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