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Originally Posted by New Ron View Post
Very true, Bush sr was no Nazi, he fought the nazis in WWII.

His father Prescott Bush was the one at one point Ive read was involved in funding nazi germany's political money machine. so "perhaps" that didnt help in George Bush sr way of looking at Jews during his presidency. His son George W Bush was far more open minded and decided to visit Israel even before he became President to show Israel he will be with them. By far he was a very Pro Israel leader. Even if he like all US Presidents also pressure Israel to give up settlements in East Jerusalem.

However John F Kennedys own father was a US Ambassador to the UK and had said he would support Hitler and was against his sons fighting in WWII, but his sons were not only enraged at their father, they went ahead and fought in WWII. So let not the fathers ideas, become the the sins of their children!

A son isnt always a clone of their fathers, some things will resemble but not all.

Some interesting links:
Well those Bush hater link don't really do much for me because thatís all they are those same people would excuse or won't even look into Obama's past but there were plenty Prescott Bush was an investment Banker his company had interest in a lot of businesses but to say he supported the Nazi is more liberal bull
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