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Originally Posted by Jroc View Post
Ron Paul is not going to run as a third party, it’s not going to happen his son is a Republican Senator and American Jews voted for Jimmy Cater second term 60% so that tells you where they stand. Most are liberal Democrats before they are Jews. 40% is the most any Republican has ever received from American Jews and Ron Paul isn't a conservative Republican, his foreign policies are liberal. Republicans are pro-Israel always have been
We will see about Ron Paul. I didnt mean to say Jews will vote for him, but many others. His foreign policy is mixed liberal and non interventionist. He isnt wrong on wanting to stop wasting lives and money on wrong nations, but he is wrong to think America should ignore all threats, especially his two faced talk about Israel, where he literally admits Hamas is better than Israel and calls Israel Immoral.

Infact he resigned from the GOP during Reagans presidency to protest Reagan economic policies, he favored Jimmy Carters economic policies.....says alot about the man.

While a victory of his would not make America more pro Israel, in a way if he takes America out of the UN, then Israel can just do what it has to and take back Israel with America and the UN telling them not to.

Thats the thing Ron Paul has some and dangerous liberal tendencies and yet we see he has some strong constitutional values, if ONLY the other candidates also tried a little to respect the constitution more Ron Paul would lose. Ron Paul may or may not become a third party, he sure has threatened to do so! I know alot of Military folks voting for him, not sure why they are.

Yes I am aware alot of American Jews are liberals and democrats and that is something really upsetting. Infact it is what scared America and Britain after WWII why they were skeptical at times about allowing a state of Israel, so many Jews were communist and socialist they were afraid a Jewish state would actually become a Socialist state, and the Russians were actively trying to destroy the free world those days!

History tells alot about the human condition and why things happen, until we learn from it we will never free ourselves. Most importantly honestly realizing that to protest freedom we need to place freedom loving people in power, aswell as responsible people. Ron Paul and Obama ARE NEITHER!

Personally I am in favor of either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, both can be idiots, Mitt is more of a semi conservative, but still both far more conservative than any democrat! They have experience. Rick Santorum like Ron Paul has some awesome conservative values, but lacks experience, and is too much concerned with being a puritan, he would gladly impose "Christian sharia" on everyone thus he goes in the category of "extremist" for me and after blaming the arabs for voting islamist, lets not support a man who wishes to force his religious ideas on people.
Shalom to everyone!
No extreme is good. Neither in religion, nor in science.

"If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel."
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