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Originally Posted by Jroc View Post
The sad part is that too many American Jews don't see it. if the Republican can get 45% of the Jewish vote that would be a major accomplishment. I hoping 50% but thats stretching it a bit.

Yes sadly that might be true. I hope all the clapping at Obama's speech at AIPAC was only out of courtesy. However I think many eyes have been opened with Obama's true intentions. Just like when Secretary of State James Baker during George Bush Fathers tenure has "insulted" Jews, the Jewish republicans taught him a lesson by voting for Clinton. Not that they wanted Clinton that much, but anyone but Bush sr. Not to mention Bush sr was so anti Israel, he never visited Israel stating as long as Israel builds settlements in "palestinian" areas he will boycott any visits to Israel.

So lets just pray the America Jews vote properly for the sake of Israel! The electorate is made up of people from all walks of life and alot of people are mad at Obama, problem is many plan to vote for Ron Paul, and that will split the vote, making Obama the winner once again!
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