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Default Sar-El


a few days ago i heard by coincidece of the Sar-El Programm and this fascinating chance. I tried to get all possble information and i am glad to found this forum. I hope there will be the chance to join the Sar-el Programm in the next year. As i am a reservist in the german airforce i hope that joining the IDF, as a non-combat volunteer will cause no problems with the german government. I will trie to get infos about that, too.

Does anyone know if there is the chance to choose the IDF base before starting to israel? Do you think there will be the chance, at least in spare times to join the regular comarades in som military related things? (i would like the chance to qualify for a shooting badge or things like that)

Is it allowed to wear the insignia of the unit you are attached to? As a matter of "esprit de corps"

Hope to see you in israel, soon

bist wihes from germany
Captain, German airforce reserve
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