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Originally Posted by haamimhagolan View Post
Attached is a link to the Sar-El web page.

Sar-El is the national "Volunteers for Israel" program - usually consisting of a two weeks of volunteer work on an Israeli army base. There is also a special, four week hospital volunteers program.

The tickets are offered at a discount rate - and can be open-ended. I know that a number of programs aimed at college students combine a two week Sar-El experience, with a tour program. When I first went - years ago - some of our students stayed on for an additional week to visit relatives after the volunteer and tour segment had ended.

Hi, what do you mean by a discount ticket?
Do you mean like air plane ticket?
Allso do they acept volunteers from sweden since I am a swedish cizitisent and not Israelian?
Big appologiez if I sound slow, itīs late here and after searching my eyes off at the internet I barely understands anything LOL
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