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Originally Posted by solomonm4u View Post
hello everybody i am solomon from india i am christian i am 22 years old my education 10th passed i want to join idf and i want to fight against terroists this is my aim and ambition before i register to mahal idf volunteer after they reply me to register in middle east info and also i am register to middle east info afterwards they have no reply to me pls guide me and pls forgive me my english are so bad my mother tongue language is tamil
Welcome to Israel Military Forum! Your support of Israel is greatly appreciated.

The IDF appreciates the interest of people all over the world who wish to serve. Like any military, the IDF is the defense force of the Israeli government. And like all armies, is comprised of our citizens.

The special program called MAHAL, is for those with a religious or historical (family) connection to Israel and/or the Jewish people. MAHAL is a program that dates back to the War of Independence, when Israel was in need of manpower for it's Army. These people (who are approved on a case by case basis) also serve until today.

Those are the only two criteria for serving. Solomon, being a soldier is a commitment to a country and a culture. We speak hebrew in the Army, work around the Jewish calendar, take Saturday as our day of rest. Your goal to "fight terrorists" is a good one.

If you would like to do a service project with the IDF, say for a month or so, there is a great program called Sar-El. You can find information about here on this web site or you can find it on the internet.

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