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My name is Rafi, and I am one of the administrators of the website.

To answer your rapid fire questions as well as I can, here goes:

Do I need to speak Hebrew? Not necessarily
Do I need to be jewish to enlist? Yes, and you need to be "documented"
If i'm not can i convert and still be able to enlist? no
Do I need documentation of being jewish to enlist? yes
What do I need to bring with me to enlist? nothing
How will I pay for the plane ticket to Israel? 100% not the IDFs problem
Can I enlist longer than 2 1/2 years? if all other criteria are met, it's possible
Can I apply for infantry? yes
Or who picks my job and how? the IDF will pick, but most likely - infantry anyway
Do I need a copy from my doctor saying i'm fit? yes

Feel free to follow up with other questions or request details on some of the answers.

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