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Palestinians Arab that living Israel/ Palestinian that get expel were asking for it. Arab Palestinian village try blockade the roads to Jerusalem and Arab Palestinian village militia try attack Jews village in Negev and Galilee. Egypt had keep Palestinian Arab militias fought beside way IDF force they capture. If not Jordan army every last Jew East Jerosalem and West Bank would end up died Palestinian militiamen. Jordan army protect POW took in East Jerosalem and same ant Zionist orthodox Jews that they escort to West Jerosalem. Yes Jordan want along ethic cleansing but not with genocide. Yes some Palestinian incent likely get expel but must them it was justice. Beside more Palestinians fled because Arab proxy armies supposed protect them because Israel Defense force. I point out human right groups all the time over issue of the right of return. I ask them how can even ask Israel to take back single Palestinian refugee after what they did. I could give name few books and page numbers as will if wish see more evidence.
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