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Well, many vegans do approach their diet as a spiritual belief. I don't like making a religion out of not eating animal flesh, and I'll always make do without complaining. But I won't eat flesh.

I think the culture of "soldiering" is a little different here from other traditions, British, Indian, American, Russian. Maybe in only a few areas, but still different. The poor marching, lack of dressy uniforms, not much saluting, some first-name useage between ranks, up and down. Military discipline in Israel would not be served by ignoring special food requirements.

I would not suggest one country's way as better or worse. As long as the soldier is kept healthy and strong away from home.

I've been on a few American bases (admittedly about 30 years ago or so), and the quantity of food consumed, starchy carbs, fats, sweets, was awesome! Three or four times what I have ever seen a hungry Israeli soldier eat. The satisfaction rate was high, especially seeing happy men with multiple deserts. But I also saw a lot of young men with 40 cm+ waistlines. We wouldn't have any blouses or trousers for those lads...

I imagine things have become more nutritious in the last 30 years, though. Though I hear that obesity is threatening recruitment quotas.
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