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An interesting side-note to diet and the IDF: A music student of mine has an older brother who is a tank driver in an armoured brigade. He is a life-long vegan. He is being fed well, has no serious complaints, and even gets several hundred sheqels extra every month to get his own extra fresh produce at the shuk. If you buy in-season vegetables, 200 or 300 shaq buys a lot of greens at any shuk.

Vegetarians that eat dairy are common in Israel, and vegans more common than the general public knows. But a vegan getting taken care of in service is great. Of course this is just one anecdote.

It should be said that Israeli soldiers can maintain a connection to Mitbakh-Imah (Mama's Kitchen) that would be unusual in most western armies. Though the circumstances of geography and duty vary too much to generalize too broadly. Soldiers home on brief leave are usually lumps under the duvet for 48 hours, punctuated by infusions of chips (pomme frites) & shnitzel.
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