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So far, Israelis are much less fat than westerners. But several things to note: Older olim from Ulkraine, the Baltic, Russia, Kazakistan etc. were often quite overweight. Younger olim, often quite fit (some great amateur weight lifters and gymnasts!). But it skews the "weight" and fitness profile of Israel.

Secondly, we are unfortunately catching-up in the overweight category. Those damnable breakfast cereals, including the so-called "healthy" ones, are processed grain starch and sugars. They have replaced too much the light Israeli breakfast for many. There ought to be a law!

Thirdly, western fast food is poison, and while a felafel isn't perfect, it is a far sight better than Scottish-American food like McDonald's. We do not eat any where as much McDonalds type of fast food as Americans, but one McBurger is too much, compared to the suberb nutrition of local khoumous beans and red lentils.

So, we do have a challenge here, no question. That said, we are in the top five or six world-wide for health and life span. We get more years on planet earth than Americans. And that includes an average of all citizens, Arabs, and all those Ukrainians and Russians married to Jews from the former USSR who flooded the country a few years back. (For those who don't know, the post-USSR countries like Ukraine and Russian have 3rd world health and life spans, having dipped below 60 years in male life span.)

So if you take the average Jew of Israel, he is a very healthy and long-loved person compared to most of the west--despite choko and Bambas and borekas and the much-loved plate of "cheeps" (pomme frites).

Plus, you begin establishing possible directions for your army "career" in high school. Everyone knows the kids in the neighbourhood who start jogging AND cracking down on the school work long before they get their first set of beits.

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