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Originally Posted by blueblood View Post
Iraq was a different ball game. Sorry state of troops and equipment, lack of will to fight are some of the reasons which could be attributed to the routing of Iraqi forces. Many of these things may or may not repeat themselves but training and will is definitely there.

So out generaled, maybe but then I was never a huge fan of American tactics.
I do not rate Iran much that highly than Iraq, in their own wars both have shown to be of about the same calibre with strong motivation, but such factors only go so far and the Iraqi conventional campaign was a cakewalk for American forces.

The war game kept in mind the Iraq scenario btw, it was pre-OIF, any NATO Gen. commanding forces that Iraq had would have had a much better strategy no doubt, but the Iraqi Gen.'s themselves didn't.

I have a very poor opinion of Iranian Gen. staff., they are political appointments and any post WW-1 commander who thinks massed human wave attacks are sound military strategy is a strong contender for Darwin Awards .

I am a huge fan of American military tactics btw barring their COIN strategy. They win wars.
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