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Default Jews for Serbian freedom 1912 - 1918

Leon E. Lebl, one of the heroes in the battle of Kolubara

One of whom Serbian Jews who died in the war 1914-1918. permanent memorial in particular deserves enthusiastic young patriot, Leon B. Lebl, student and journalist. He is a volunteer, although gentle health, joined the army as a student-sergeant, with less than 22 years, fell heroically november 29th 1914 on Kosmaj mount. "So he is - says I. Slang - a Serb and a Jew, champion of world folk thing, its hot and young blood, sacrificing his life, he confirmed that for what is an associate "Piedmont" in various articles advocating. "

His commander, Milutin Stepanovic, commander of the Tenth Infantry Regiment, a second call, described the death of Leon in a letter to Kalman Lebl, Leon's brother, which states in part that:
"Among the first who flew in the enemy fearlessly and steadfastly was your brother, Leon sergeant, because his company and he and his tenth of the first platoon were fighting in the first row. His soldiers, who loved him for his extraordinary personal courage, gaiety and a very nice behavior, no one ever left the rate.
In this assault Leon, who was with two of its soldiers jumped into the Austrian trenches, was hit by bullets from enemy machine guns in the right leg first and then got deadly shot in the stomach. His companions were again stormed the enemy trenches to steal his dead body from the enemy. The enemy is beaten, a body buried in the area of Leon's death.

On the occasion of the heroic death of Leon Lebl, list of Serbian nationalists "Piedmont", in which Lebl was a journalist, published in its Christmas issue (24, 25 and 26 HP 1914) the following obituary:
"A chaste and holy sacrifice from among our brothers Moses' faith! Always keen for everything that is Serbian, he was in this holy war of liberation, as a student-sergeant, started with great enthusiasm. His soldiers, with tears in their eyes, talking about his great courage and friendship to the soldiers.
Deceased Lebl studied with great diligence and success philosophy, the last two years worked as a journalist, in the office, he worked a full year as a conscientious and intelligent fellow.
Glory be to him! "


In the heat of the Kolubara battle, at the moment when the Serbian army no longer had artillery munition (French and English were late with delivery), the Serbian High Command had only one option. They decided to send students to the battle, which were to the exhausted fighters entered refreshment and restore faith in the victory. Among them was sergeant Leon Lebl.
General Zivojin Misic has completely surprise the other generals and Supreme Command. He pulled his army deep into the background, trying to recover the soldiers retired from the enemy barrage. Austro-Hungarian Army does not know of this maneuver, and therefore is progressing very slowly and carefully. Harsh winter and dense fog were favorable circumstance for Serbian army.
After three days, the Serbian army was recovered and fully motivated.
Came the long awaited artillery munition.
At a time when European telegraph agency expected the news of the full collapse of the Serbian army and when the Austro-Hungarian Army V staged ceremonial parade in Belgrade, began a major counter-offensive of the entire Serbian army. Serbian army liberated Belgrade and completely removed the enemy from the country.
Huge impact on the great Serbian victory, had just students - sergeants, one of whom was a young Leon Lebl.
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