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Shalom Scelli.

Hollywood films and accuracy are most often oxymorons which in a way is kind of fitting as many of those making those films are morons. I find it stunning at just how far from actual events many Hollywood and/or British films are. How about, CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE with Errol Flyn whereim the setting of the charge was moved from the Crimea to India? Or ZULU with Michael Caine where the 24th Regiment of Foot was portrayed as a Welsh regiment which it really wasn't at the time of the battle of Roarke's Drift nor was MEN OF HARLECH the regimental song? How about 300? That film had so many inaccuracies in it that it was almost a comedy/fantasy. To start with, when the Spartans broke ranks to do battle? Whenever the Phalanx broke like that in real life it was usually just before their end.

If I have even a hope of watching an accurate portrayal of a battle I'll avoid the theatrical films and hope to find a decent documentary on it. Like I said Hollywood and accuracy in war films are oxymorons.

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